[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Concentrate Beneficiation – Dry High Intensity Magnetic Separator

Dry high intensity magnetic separator image

Dry high intensity magnetic separator is mainly used in rougher selection of mild magnetic mineral. Dry high intensity magnetic separator includes roll type high intensity magnetic separator and drum magnetic separator. Magnetic systems are made of high quality ferrite materials or rare earth magnets.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Concentrate Beneficiation – Wet High Intensity Permanent Separator

wet high intensity permanent separator image

Wet high intensity magnetic separator can be used to recycle tungsten minerals grain with size 0.01mm~3mm. Compared to dry magnetic separator, it is used to recycle fine grains, so it is usually sued in the process of tungsten tailings elimination or tungsten slime rougher selection.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Scheelite Flotation Equipment – JJF Mechanical Agitated Flotation Machine

JJF mechanical agitated flotation machine image

Mechanical agitated flotation machine is the use of impeller + stator system as a mechanical stirrer to achieve the filling and stirring flotation machine, is the most commonly used tungsten scheelite flotation equipment.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Scheelite Associated Ore

tungsten scheelite sssociated ore image

Tungsten scheelite associated ore can be divided into sulphide ore and gangue minerals. Sulphide ore has metal element, is easy to separate and has economic value. Gangue minerals contain calcium, only flotation method can separate it.


Who Owns Most of Tungsten Corporation Plc (LONTUNG)

AMT photo

Institutional Ownership

In TUNG’s case, institutional ownership stands at 63.12%, significant enough to cause considerable price moves in the case of large institutional transactions, especially when there is a low level of public shares available on the market to trade. 


Ultrafine Yellow Tungsten Oxide Producing Method

YTO photo

Yellow tungsten oxide (YTO) is also named as tungsten trioxide, chemical formula is WO3, mainly used to reduce as tungsten powder or tungsten carbide powder which are raw materials of tungsten alloy and tungsten carbide products, such as producing of cutting tools and dies, also for producing tungsten metal products such as tungsten bar, tungsten wire and tungsten electrode.


Tungsten Could Make Ice Anglers Smile

Ice Anglers Photo

Bro Brosdahl was a happy man. He’d been ice fishing the mid-November night before, near his northern Minnesota home. "We've had unusually cold weather," the guide and Northland Tackle representative said of the early start of his hard-water season.


Ultrafine Blue Tungsten Oxide Producing Method

BTO photo

Tungsten oxide is an important intermediary product in tungsten industry. Tungsten powder’s grain size is affected by tungsten oxide. Blue tungsten oxide is important raw material for producing tungsten products, it has take place of yellow tungsten oxide gradually after years’ practice. 


Tungsten Corp (TUNG) and Copa Holdings S.A. (CPA) Shares Moving the Tape in Session

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Tungsten Corp (TUNG) shares are moving today on volatility 33.33% or $0.0002 from the open. The OTC listed company saw a recent bid of $0.0008 and 102500 shares have traded hands in the session.


Sodium Doped Yellow Tungsten Oxide Producing Method

YTO photo

Coarse tungsten carbide has good resilience, high hardness, high thermal conductivity, is widely used as mining tools, punching mould, gasoline exploration and hard face material.