[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Ore Flotation Inhibitor – Lignin

Tungsten ore flotation inhibitor  – lignin image

Lignin is aromaticity high polymer exists in plant, it exists in the xylem of plant to tramsport water and structure of mineral, xylem maintains high hardness to support the whole plant.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Ore Flotation Inhibitor – Starch

Tungsten ore flotation inhibitor – starch image

Starch is used to inhibit tin ore and calcite in flotation. However, itself alone doesn’t have strong force, so it usually is not used alone. Add it into NaOH sodium silicate solution as assistant can enforce inhibiting efficiency. 


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Ore Flotation Organic Inhibitor

Tungsten ore flotation organic inhibitor image

Among tungsten ore flotation inhibitor, sodium silicate is the most widely used one. But sodium silicate can not always solve the problem, such as when it encounters gangue. So organic inhibitor is needed.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten and Molybdenum Separation – Ion Exchange Method

ion exchange method

Ion exchange method principle is sulfurizing sodium tungstate solution containing molybdenum or ammonium tungstate, molybdenum is absorbed on the resin, after tungsten entering exchange solution to realize tungsten and molybdenum separation.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten and Molybdenum Separation – Molybdenum Trisulfide Precipitation Method

molybdenum trisulfide image

Molybdenum trisulfide precipitation method uses the affinity of molybdenum in solution which is bigger than tungsten, the principle is disparity of affinity toward sulfide between tungsten and molybdenum.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten and Molybdenum Separation – Hyamine Extraction Method

 hyamine extraction method image

Hyamine is a strong complexting agent, it has different complexting ability for tungsten and molybdenum. Using this difference can realize tungsten and molybdenum separation. 


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten and Molybdenum Separation - Activated Carbon Adsorption Method

activated carbon image

There are several methods include extraction method, precipitation method and ion exchange method to realize the separation. Activated carbon adsorption method is a special method.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten and Molybdenum Separation – Selective Precipitation

Tungsten and molybdenum separation – selective precipitation image

Tungsten and molybdenum separation has always been a difficult issue in tungsten and molybdenum concentrate metallurgy, and also a key process in beneficiation process.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten in Electronic and Electrical Industries

tungsten radiation shields picture

Tungsten-base materials are widely used in electronic and electrical industries. Tungsten not only can be used for producing high temperature furnace parts and X-ray tubes for medical use, but also one of the most important components in modern integrated circuitry.


[Know Tungsten] The Use of Tungsten Raw Materials in Life

tungsten used in the life picture

Smart Windows

Vapour deposited tungsten oxide layers are functional in self-darkening window panes. Tungsten trioxide is yellow-white and fully transparent in the form of a thin layer. Light converts WO3 to dark blue W20O58 in a reversible reaction, so the light transmission through the pane is reduced in bright sunshine, and the light transmission returns with clouds or at sunset.