【Know Tungsten】What is Tungsten Disulfide

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1. What is Tungsten Disulfide?

Tungsten disulfide is an inorganic chemical compound composed of tungsten and sulfur with the chemical formula WS2.

2.Tungsten Disulfide Property

Physical property

Chemical formula is composed by one molecular of tungsten, two molecular of sulfur. Appearance is grey powder. Stable in the air, insoluble in water, alcohol, dilute nitric acid and sulfuric acid. CAS number is 12138090.

Chemical property

Main content of tungsten disulfide is tungsten disulfide with over 99.9 percent. Other impurity content such as ferro, aluminum, arsenic, bismuth are controlled within limits according to national standard.

3.Tungsten Disulfide Producing Process

Synthesize tungsten powder and sulfur powder in the atmosphere of pure nitrogen under 800~900℃, it will obtain tungsten disulfide

4.Tungsten Disulfide Application

Tungsten disulfide application includes high-grade carbon brush wear-resistant lubricant,lubricating agents in solid lubricants, for the production of self-lubricating parts and PTFE and nylon and other materials, solid anti-friction coating.


[Know Tungsten]What is Tungsten Hexachloride?

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1.What is Tungsten Hexachloride?

Tungsten hexachloride is the chemical compound of tungsten and chlorine with the formula WCl6. This dark violet blue species exists as a volatile solid under standard conditions.

2.Tungsten Hexachloride Property

Physical property

Chemical formula is composed by one molecular of tungsten, six molecular of chloride. Appearance is purple crystalline, moisture sensitive. Molecular Weight is 396.61. Soluble in water and chlorocarbons. It is an aggressively corrosive oxidant, and hydrolyzes to release hydrogen chloride.

Chemical property

Main content of tungsten hexachloride is tungsten chloride with over 99.9 percent. Tungsten content is no less than 43%, chlorine content is no less than 53%.

3.Tungsten Hexachloride Producing Process

Tungsten hexachloride can be prepared by chlorinating tungsten metal in a sealed tube at 600 degree celsius.

4.Tungsten Hexachloride Application

Tungsten hexachloride application includes catalyst in synthesis of engineer plastics PDCPD, refine of high purity tungsten and preparation of WC, precursor of nano particle tungsten.


【Know Tungsten】Manganese Tungstate

manganese tungstate

Manganese tungstate is yellow odorless powder, can not be dissolved, the storage should avoid light, fire and high temperatures.


【Know Tungsten】Magnesium Tungstate

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Magnesium tungstate is of white powder cubic crystal, monoclinic structure, is self-activated fluorescent material.


【Know Tungsten】Properties of Tungsten Disulfide Coating

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Tungsten disulfide coating has high application value in many fields, such as aviation industry, automobile industry and plastic industry. It has brought considerable economic benefits to the users, which is inseparable from its own properties.

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【Know Tungsten】Strontium Tungstate

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Strontium tungstate is tetragonal crystal system, solubility in water under 15℃ is 0.14g/100mL H2O, decomposed in acid, insoluble in alcohol and other organic agent.


【Know Tungsten】Cerium Tungstate

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Cerium tungstate under normal stable temperature and pressure, relative density is 6.77, melting point is 1089 ℃, has ferromagnetic under 30K.


【Know Tungsten】Barium Tungstate

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Barium tungstate is white powder, slightly dissolve in water, dissolve in oxalate water solution, decompose in acid and is stable in the air.


【Know Tungsten】Tungstate Industrial Type

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Tungstate industrial type includes the following traditional products: ammonium paratungstate, tungstate.


【Know Tungsten】Lithium Tungstate

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Lithium tungstate is colorless triangle crystal and has BeSiO3 stone lattice.