[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Alloy X-Ray and γ-Ray Shielding

Both X-rays and γ-rays have high energy and can penetrate the human body for imaging or kill cancer cells. They are gradually being widely used in medical imaging diagnosis and radiotherapy. Only high-performance materials that can effectively control the range of rays, reduce the damage of rays to other normal parts of the patient, and prevent the surrounding environment from being affected by rays can be widely used.

The tungsten alloy X-ray and gamma-ray shielding parts we produce have a density ranging from 17g/cc to 18.5g/cc. They are often used in CT, linear accelerator, PET, nuclear medicine, gamma cameras and other fields, and can provide the best radiation protection. With Beam Guidance, we not only provide raw materials and finished parts, but also provide a full range of solutions.

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[Know Tungsten]Nano Tungsten Oxide in Lithium-ion Batteries

Tungsten oxide (WO3) has shown promise in various energy storage applications due to its high theoretical specific capacity and good electrical conductivity. When used as a cathode material in lithium-ion batteries, nano tungsten oxide could potentially offer several advantages, including:

1.High capacity: Tungsten oxide has a high theoretical specific capacity, which means it can store a large amount of lithium ions per unit mass.

2.Nanostructure advantages: Nanostructured materials typically have a higher surface area, which can facilitate lithium ion diffusion and improve electrode performance.

3.Enhanced cycling stability: Nano tungsten oxide electrodes may exhibit improved cycling stability compared to bulk materials, leading to longer battery lifetimes.

4.Potential cost-effectiveness: Tungsten is abundant and relatively inexpensive, which could contribute to the cost-effectiveness of batteries employing tungsten oxide cathodes.

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[Know Tungsten] Military Tungsten Alloy Cylinder

High density tungsten alloys are increasingly used in the production of military defense parts, such as bullets, armor and artillery shells, shrapnel heads, grenades, shotguns, bullet warheads, bulletproof vehicles, tank armor, cannons, firearms and national defense, etc.

The military tungsten alloy cylinder is generally used in the cores of artillery shells. The conventional ratio is 92.5% tungsten-nickel iron, with a small amount of rare earth elements added. The size can be customized according to customer requirements. The performance meets the requirements of national military standards.

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[Know Tungsten] What is Ammonium Metatungstate?

What is Ammonium Metatungstate

Ammonium metatungstate, abbreviated as AMT, a white slightly yellowish crystalline powder with good water solubility. As a key intermediate compound in tungsten wet smelting process, ammonium metatungstate plays a crucial role in the preparation of tungsten-based chemical products and metal products. With its wide range of applications across various industries, including petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, electronics, optics, and ceramics, etc., ammonium metatungstate has become an indispensable and important raw material in modern industry.


Jiangxi Tungsten's Wolframite Concentrate Quote in the First Half of Feb 2024

Jiangxi Tungsten's Wolframite Concentrate Quote in the First Half of Feb 2024

In the first half of February 2024, Jiangxi Tungsten Holding Group Company Limited (Jiangxi Tungsten) quoted 123,500 yuan/standard ton for high-grade wolframite concentrate, an increase of 1000 yuan/standard ton compared to the second half of January 2024.


Ganzhou Tungsten Industry Association Tungsten Prices Forecast Feb 2024

Ganzhou Tungsten Industry Association Tungsten Prices Forecast Feb 2024

The forecasted average prices for tungsten products in February 2024, as disclosed by Ganzhou Tungsten Industry Association (GZTIA), are as follows: 55% wolframite concentrate priced at 122,000 yuan/standard ton, representing a 2,000 yuan/standard ton increase compared to January 2024; ammonium paratungstate (APT) priced at 182,000 yuan/ton, representing a 1,500 yuan/ton increase compared to January 2024; and medium-grain tungsten powder priced at 276 yuan/kg, representing a 2 yuan/kg increase compared to January 2024.


[Know Tungsten]Nano Tungsten Trioxide

Nano Tungsten Trioxide

Nano tungsten trioxide has a large specific surface area and significant surface effect.

As a cathode material, nanometer tungsten trioxide has a high theoretical capacity (693mAhg-1). Compared with cobalt, it is low-cost and environmentally friendly. Its use in the production of lithium-ion battery cathode materials has achieved industrial mass production and has gradually replaced Cobalt becomes the main raw material for lithium-ion batteries, which will significantly reduce the cost of electric vehicles.

The particle size of nano-tungsten trioxide produced by Chinatungsten Online is 50nm, with high purity and stable quality.

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[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Alloy Swaging Rod

Tungsten Alloy Swaging Rod

The tensile strength of tungsten alloy swaging rod is much higher than that of tungsten alloy rods. The tensile strength of tungsten alloy rod is 1050MPa. After tungsten alloy rods are forged, their tensile strength can reach 1200MPa.

Tungsten alloy swaging rod characteristics:

1. high density

2.High melting point

3. small volume

4.High hardness

5.High wear resistance

6. High tensile strength

7.High elongation

8.High temperature resistance

9. Low steam pressure

The uses of tungsten alloy swaging rods include: kinetic energy armor-piercing projectile warheads, rifle bullets, anti-material sniper rifle bullets, etc.

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[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Carbide Nozzle for 3D Printer

Tungsten Carbide Nozzle for 3D Printer

Tungsten carbide nozzle for 3D printer uses international grade K20. Compared with traditional brass nozzle, tungsten carbide nozzle has the below advantages:

1.Super Wear-Resistance

2.High Temperature Performance

3.Low Pushing Force

4.Faster Extrusion Speed

5.Tight Hole Tolerance (±0.05mm)

6.Longer service life

Regular diameter of nozzle: 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm

Chinatungsten can customize with drawings!

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【Know Tungsten】What is Tungstic Acid?

Tungstic acid is yellow and shiny flaky crystal or crystalline powder, soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, and slightly soluble in ammonia. Weathering in the air. When heated to 100°C, it loses crystal water and becomes anhydrous. It reacts with strong acids (except hydrofluoric acid) to form water-insoluble yellow tungstic acid. It reacts with phosphoric acid or phosphate to form phosphotungstic heteropoly acid complex. It reacts with organic acids such as tartaric acid, citric acid, and oxalic acid to form corresponding organic acid complexes. compound.


Tungsten trioxide reacts with sodium hydroxide, or tungsten concentrate and sodium hydroxide are pressure-cooked to generate a tungstic acid solution. After refining, filtration, ion exchange and other processes, the impurities are separated, and then evaporated and crystallized to obtain a tungstic acid product.

The uses of tungstic acid include the following aspects:

1. Tungstic acid is an important chemical raw material that can be used to manufacture metal tungsten, tungsten wire, tungstate, etc.

2. Due to the rich color of tungstic acid, it can be used as mordant, pigment, dye and ink.

3. Tungstic acid is used as a fabric weighting agent or fabric auxiliary in the textile industry. A mixture of tungstic acid, ammonium sulfate, ammonium phosphate, etc. can be used to make fibers fireproof and waterproof. This fiber can be used to make fireproof rayon and rayon. Can also be used for leather tanning.

4. Used for electroplating coating anti-corrosion.

5. Used as a co-solvent to introduce enamel color materials, which can reduce the firing temperature and complement the color.

6. Used in the petroleum industry and the manufacturing of aviation and aerospace materials.