【Know Tungsten】Tungsten Trioxide Lithium Ion Battery

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1. Lithium Ion Battery in Daily Life
Lithium-ion batteries have become the main power source choice for portable electronic devices due to their large capacity, high voltage, and long life. In order to further satisfy people's demand for higher-performance lithium-ion batteries, it is an effective solution to find alternative electrode materials with better electrochemical characteristics.


【Know Tungsten】Tungstic Acid

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1.Tungstic Acid
Tungstic acid is a yellow shiny sheet crystal or crystalline powder, soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in ammonia. 


Tungsten Alloy Application – Civil Industry

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Tungsten alloy application in civil industry including the grade of WNIFE, WNICU, WNIFECO, WNIFEMO, and the content from 90%W to 97%W.


Introduction to Tungsten Alloy Shielding

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Tungsten alloy shielding is made by tungsten nickel copper alloy or tungsten nickel iron alloy instead of lead or steel, and used to shield the radiations.


【Know Tungsten】Blue Tungsten Oxide

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1.Blue Tungsten Oxide

Blue Tungsten Oxide (BTO) is a kind of blue crystal powder, the appearance is dark blue color, is usually used to produce tungsten powder.

2. Blue Tungsten Oxide Property

Basic information: molecular formula is WO2.9, molecular weight is 230.24, insoluble in water, soluble in alkali, slightly soluble in acid.

Chemical property:

The main content is WO2.9, over 99.95%, grain size is 12~20um.

3. Blue Tungsten Oxide Producing Method

Blue tungsten oxide can be calcinated under 500~600℃ with APT as raw material.

4. Blue Tungsten Oxide Application

1.Producing tungsten powder.


3.Painting for ceramic.

4.Raw material for heat insulating dispersion.

5.Anode material of lithium ion battery.


【Know Tungsten】Spherical Tungsten Powder

spherical tungsten powder photo

1.Spherical Tungsten Powder

Spherical tungsten powder has the spherical crystal shape under the scanning of SEM.

2.Spherical Tungsten Powder Property

Physical property: apparent density is 11.6g/cm3, tap density is 12.5g/cm3, spherical rate is 98%, grain size is divided into fine grain size, medium grain size and coarse grain size.

Chemical property:

The tungsten content is over 99.9%, oxygen content is less than 0.042%.

3.Spherical Tungsten Powder SEM

Spherical tungsten powder has the morphology like ball shape.

4.Spherical Tungsten Powder Application

0~15um grade is used for metal injection molding, 15~53um is used for selective laser melting technology, 53~100um is used for electron beam melting additive manufacturing.


Welding Method of Copper Bonded Tungsten Copper Electrode

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The welding method of copper bonded tungsten copper electrode is silver brazing, which is the most popular in our workshop.


Tungsten Gift Card

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There are many kinds and types of gift made by tungsten, such as tungsten ring, tungsten bracelet, tungsten pig, etc. however, what I would like to recommend is a special one - tungsten gift card.


Tungsten Iridium Stream Mouth

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Tungsten iridium stream mouth is made of a body of tungsten and inserted a tube made of iridium, instead of the whole part to be an alloy of tungsten and iridium.


Copper Bonded Tungsten Electrode

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Copper bonded tungsten electrode is bonded two different materials with high and low electric conductivity for spot welding in car industry.