K Doped Tungsten Electrode

K doped tungsten electrode image

It has been a very popular situation for our company that our customers are inquiring a product, whose chemicals are unknown for both sides. The only one our customers know is the material related to tungsten. However, as for the large category of tungsten, it is difficult to provide a suitable material with such information, so that we have to find out a solution for that.

This time, we also encounter the same issue. We get a sample from our clients, and arrange the testing. As for tungsten is a refractory metal, which has been difficult to be used chemical method, we only test in by metal element analyzer. The testing result is that the material is with over 99.85% tungsten. Therefore, we recommend it as pure tungsten or K doped tungsten.

K doped tungsten electrode image

Most of the customers are familiar with K doped tungsten wire but not electrode, actually K doped tungsten electrode is with the same chemical as the wire and the same properties, which is to decrease the deformation at high temperature. K is doped in the process of reduction from tungsten oxide to tungsten powder, which can assure the mixing result of the powder. During forging, as for the crystal of K is larger than tungsten, they are kept in the rod and forged together with tungsten. With content of 30~90ppm K, higher content, denser the K bubble, and better anti-deformation property. Following is an image showing the relationship between K content and K bubble clearly.

relationship between K content and K density image

There is a factor we need to point out that, during the production, the content of K is not as higher as better, as for K is also can be recommended as impurities, the forging process is influenced if the K is very high, such as higher than 120ppm, then the quality is influenced, for the bubble is existed in the rod and will be horizontal growing. Therefore, the ideal content of K doped is controlled in 30~90ppm for both wire and rod.


Copper Bonded Tungsten Copper High Voltage Contact

copper bonded tungsten copper contact image

With the development of high speed railway both in China and whole world wide, the application of high voltage related equipment has been increasing largely. High voltage contact is one of them. 


Cobalt-free Battery Uses Violet Tungsten Oxide

violet tungsten oxide photo

As one of the key components of the cobalt-free battery, the negative electrode material can be modified with an appropriate amount of low-dimensional violet tungsten oxide powder during preparation, so that the prepared product has better charge and discharge characteristics and higher lithium storage capacity.


How to Prepare Tungsten Disulfide Flake Nanomaterial

tungsten disulfide photo

As a typical transition metal sulfide, tungsten disulfide flake nanomaterial have special optical, electrical, and catalytic properties, and are widely used in the fields of catalysis, hydrogen storage, and lithium storage.


Violet Tungsten Oxide for Cobalt-free Lithium-ion Battery

violet tungsten oxide photo

Violet tungsten oxide is a defect state of tungsten oxide with very novel physical and mechanical properties. It is not only used in the chemical industry, but also widely used in automobile manufacturing, mechanical processing, aerospace, chemical battery, electronic information and other fields. 


Copper Bonded Tungsten Electrode

copper bonded tungsten electrode image

Tungsten electrodes have been so popular for TIG welding and GTAW welding, including cerium doped, lanthanum doped, yttrium doped, thorium doped, zirconium doped, etc. 


Polymer Tungsten CT Protective Clothing

polymer tungsten CT protective clothing picture

Polymer tungsten CT protective clothing is a new type of lead-free medical protective products. Its X-ray shielding rate can reach 99%. And it is much lighter than traditional lead protective clothing, so it is more suitable for providing X-ray protection for patients and medical staff.


Tungsten Alloy Medical Ray Protective Material

tungsten alloy medical ray protective material picture

Tungsten alloy medical ray protective material is tungsten-nickel-iron alloy or tungsten-nickel-copper alloy used for shielding medical radiation sources such as X-rays and gamma rays. The difference between the two tungsten alloy materials is that tungsten-nickel-iron alloy has certain ferromagnetism, and its mechanical properties and processing properties are superior to tungsten-nickel-copper alloy.


Tungsten Resin X-ray Protective Screen

tungsten resin X-ray protective screen image

Tungsten resin X-ray protective screen is a medical X-ray shielding screen made using polymer as matrix and tungsten powder as filler. It non-toxic, light weight, and easy to move. It also has advantages of environmental protection, good radiation absorption performance, and stable chemical performance. It can be used for angiocardiography.


Tungsten Disulfide Applied for High Temperature Bearing Grease

tungsten disulfide applied for high temperature bearing grease picture

Tungsten disulfide for preparing high temperature bearing grease has the smallest friction coefficient among many lubricating materials. Generally, tungsten disulfide nanopowder is often added as an extreme pressure additive to the production of grease. Wherein, the amount of nano WS2 added varies with the type of grease and applications, and its adding amount is in the range of 1.5-6%.




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