Tungsten Diamond Rings Price on April 2, 2021

tungsten diamond rings picture

Tungsten diamond rings price is 5.60USD/PC on April 2, 2021. The material enables this ring not easy to fade and to be scratched. It can last forever. Its inner arc is designed according to ergonomics and is welled polished for more comfortable wearing.


Tungsten Diamond Rings Price on February 23, 2021

tungsten diamond rings picture

Tungsten diamond rings price is 10.50USD/PC on February 23, 2021. This ring is made of tungsten carbide, which is a very popular material due to its high hardness and durable characteristic. Its surface is inlaid with diamonds for a very beautiful and fashionable taste. 


Tungsten Rings Price on February 2, 2021

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Tungsten rings price is 9.50USD/PC on February 2, 2021. As pure tungsten is fragile that is not easy to be machined, the rings are actual made from tungsten carbide material. With adding nickel, carbon and other elements, tungsten carbide rings could have long service life. They are not only used for daily purpose, but also are deeply loved by many bridegrooms and brides. 


Tungsten Carbide Band Price on December 25, 2020

tungsten carbide band picture

Tungsten carbide band price is 7.20USD/PC on December 25, 2020. Tungsten carbide band is also named tungsten carbide ring, which has a bright surface with rich texture. It can be worm in daily life or used as an engagement or wedding ring. 


Tungsten Gold Ring Price on November 27, 2020

tungsten gold ring picture

Tungsten gold ring price is 7.00USD/PC on November 27, 2020. Tungsten carbide rings have various types – gold plating, inlaid, sample, complex, elegant or luxurious, as far as you like. 


Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring Price on November 4, 2020

tungsten carbide wedding ring picture

Tungsten carbide wedding ring price is 10.00USD/PC on November 4, 2020. Tungsten carbide wedding ring combines the toughness of tungsten and the luster of diamonds to create a perfect appearance. These tungsten rings are guaranteed to be eye-catching and are the first choice for men and women to make engagement.


Tungsten Carbide Ring Price on September 26, 2020

tungsten carbide ring picture

Tungsten carbide ring price is 7.50USD/PC on September 26, 2020. This high-quality tungsten carbide ring has an ultra-comfortable inner surface and a beautiful appearance, making you feel comfortable and eye-catching in your daily life. It is the ideal gift for every occasion and is the perfect choice for your wedding ring.


Gold Plated Tungsten Ring Price on August 27, 2020

gold plated tungsten ring picture

Gold plated tungsten ring price is 9.00USD/PC on August 27, 2020. Gold plated tungsten ring coated with a layer of real gold is bright and shiny compared with the one with polished surface or black coating. With the advantages of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, the ring has higher cost-efficiency. 


Tungsten Gold Pig Price on July 24, 2020

tungsten gold pig picture

Tungsten gold pig price is 43.00USD/PC on July 24, 2020. Its surface is fine and smooth, which looks very bright. With a pair of bright piercing eyes, the gold pig is beautiful and is deeply loved by many people. 


Tungsten Alloy Pig Price on Jul. 9, 2020

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Tungsten alloy pig g price is 43.00USD/PC on Jul. 9, 2020. The pig made of tungsten alloy material is a new attempt in the tungsten industry. The materials used by most piglets on the market are basically copper, ceramics, mahogany, plush, etc. Tungsten is extremely rare. Compared with other materials, tungsten material can be placed for an extremely long time and has a very high cost performance.




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