Luminescence Is Inseparable From Rare Earths, What Is The Rare Earth Luminescent Material

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You must know that when it comes to radiance, you know that people will say: It is almost inseparable from rare earth! Because rare earths will shine! What do you ask about rare earth luminescent materials? According to experts, rare earth compounds have three major functions: light, electricity and magnetism. Among them, luminescence is the most prominent function among these three functions. That is to say, the rare earth luminescent material is a rare earth functional material, which is a rare earth material capable of absorbing energy in some way and converting it into optical radiation.


Rare Earth Emit Light, The Accuracy Of Tracking Pollutants Is Comparable To Electronic Positioning

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Rare earth is the general term for 17 rare earth elements, that is, 15 lanthanides + lanthanum and cerium. So, do you know that luminescence is one of the characteristics of rare earth elements? Some experts have shown that under the excitation of light, strontium (Tb3+) emits green light with a wavelength of 545 nm; and erbium (Eu3+) emits red light with a wavelength of 613 nm. Therefore, the rare earth will emit light is valid! However, rare earths are used to track or contaminants in living organisms, or in the air, or in the soil. What is the accuracy of electronic positioning?


China Breaks Through The Bottleneck Of 99.999% Rare Earth Modified Alumina Technology

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It is reported that recently, China has successfully produced 99.999% rare earth modified alumina, which is 5N rare earth modified alumina/ultra-high purity rare earth modified alumina, which fills the gap in China's production technology! To put it simply, that is, China has broken through the “bottleneck” of ultra-high purity rare earth modified alumina technology! This is a rare earth modified high-purity sapphire raw material independently researched and developed by Shanghai R&D team in China, and has been officially put into production. I believe that in the near future, we can realize the large-scale production of 5N ultra-high purity aluminum ingots! and then? How does this relate to LED displays and mobile phones? Why are the prices of the two expected to fall?


Rare Earth New Technology, To Present A More Powerful "Chinese Heart" For China's New Energy Vehicles

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Baotou rare earth nickel-hydrogen power battery went offline smoothly and was sent to the domestic market in batches! This means that China's new energy vehicle, the new energy pure electric bus, has had a stronger "Chinese heart" since then. This "China Heart" is the first batch of high-performance capacitive Ni-MH power batteries made by Baotou. It is a pure "Chinese heart"! These pure "Chinese Hearts" belong to Baotou's annual production of 200 million ampere-hour rare earth power battery projects. It can also be said that it is part of the new rare earth technology!


Japan Discovers Deep Sea Rare Earth Treasures, But Somehow Wakes Up This Sleepy Universal Soil

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As we all know, rare earths have the reputation of industrial MSG, industrial gold, and even the versatile soil that Japanese media call high-tech industry. Of course, this precious resource is not really "earth" or "soil", but a general term for seventeen rare metals. Most of the countries in the world are buried underground or under the sea, which is more or less.


Five Aspects to Help the Development of Rare Earth Industry

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Recently, Wang Jiangping, deputy minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, led a team to Longyan City in Fujian Province and Chenzhou City in Jiangxi Province to investigate the development of the rare earth industry.


Dr. Nagata Hiroshi: “Building A World-class Rare Earth Magnetic Materials Research Institute in China”

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Dr. Nagata is a well-known magnetic material expert in Japan and the world, and is the inventor of many rare earth magnetic materials. Xiamen Tungsten Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xia Tungsten”) has attracted a large number of talents with its competitiveness and innovative ability. Dr. Nagata is one of them. He has been working in China for a long time and has already regarded this place as his own hometown. “My goal is to create a world-class magnetic materials research institute and factory in China,” said Nagata. His dedication to the study of magnetic materials makes people sigh "science without borders"! He also said, "If one day unfortunately dies, I hope to be buried here and buried in a place with rare earth mines."


Xiamen Tungsten Industry and Rare Earth Blocks Soar, The Reasons Behind

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In early trading today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened higher and continued to rise in the areas of rare earth, building materials and liquor. The Shanghai index rose more than 1% to nearly 2600 points. The GEM index rose nearly 2%, and then fell back. In terms of industry, most of the sectors are red, and the sectors such as nonferrous metals, building materials and winemaking are among the top gainers. Only the insurance sector that led the gains yesterday fell. The concept section is full of red, rare earth permanent magnets, scarce resources and railway infrastructure are among the top gainers.


Ministry of Natural Resources: China Continues to Maintain Stable Supply of Rare Earth

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According to the Notice of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Industry and Information Technology jointly issued in 2018 on the 2018 annual rare earth ore tungsten mining total control index (the first batch): the first batch of rare earth minerals in the country in 2018 (rare earth oxide REO) The total mining control index is released according to 70% of the 2017 annual indicator. The first batch of rare earth ore mining total control index was 73,500 tons, of which the ionic type (mainly medium and heavy rare earth) rare earth mineral index was 12,530 tons, and the rock type (light) rare earth mineral index was 60,970 tons. It is reported that the first batch of rare earth mining total control indicators planned by the state in 2017 is 52,500 tons. Compared with last year, the first batch of rare earth mining this year increased by 40%.


The Yield of Rare Earths Will Be Reduced by China, Where Will the US Military's New Weapons Go

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According to Reuters, a company in the Netherlands that closely tracks the rare earth industry said that China has limited the production of rare earths in the second half of this year to 45,000 tons, the lowest level in five years, and only enough to supply domestically. According to the report, this data means that China's rare earth production index in the second half of this year has been cut by 35 percent. Industry analysts said that in the current development of China's rare earth resources over-exploitation and rapid reduction of reserves, this measure is conducive to the implementation of rare earth resource reserve strategy. And foreign media said, where will the new US weapons that rely heavily on China's rare earths go?




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