Nano Tungsten Oxide Applied for Nano Transparent Heat Insulation Coating

nano tungsten oxide applied for nano transparent heat insulation coating image

Nano tungsten oxide is a new type of functional material with selectivity to the solar spectrum, and therefore it is regarded as an important material for preparation of nano transparent heat insulation coating. The obtained transparent heat-insulating glass coating exhibits the comprehensive performance of absorbing ultraviolet rays, transmitting visible light, and shielding infrared heat radiation.


New Energy-saving Material: Paraffin Wax-Cs0.32WO3 Composite Material

new energy-saving material: paraffin wax-Cs0.32WO3 composite material image

As a new energy-saving material, paraffin wax-Cs0.32WO3 composite material combines the advantages of cesium tungsten bronze and paraffin wax. Wherein, Cs0.32WO3 has excellent near-infrared shielding performance and high visible light transmittance; and the phase change material paraffin wax can absorb or release heat to achieve the purpose of calming sudden changes in ambient temperature.


Tungsten Bronze Nanomaterial Applied for Electrochromic Device

tungsten bronze nanomaterial applied for electrochromic device picture

Tungsten bronze nanomaterial for assembling the electrochromic device may be Mo-doped tungsten bronze nanorods organic-inorganic composite film, Fe-doped tungsten bronze nanorods organic-inorganic composite film, Cu-doped tungsten bronze nanorods organic-inorganic composite film or tungsten bronze nanorods/titanium dioxide nanoparticles inorganic electrochromic film.


Nano Tungsten Oxide Applied for Sunroom Heat Insulation Coating

nano tungsten oxide applied for sunroom heat insulation coating picture

Nano tungsten oxide is well-known as a new type of heat insulation medium or functional nanomaterial, which is often used to prepare sunroom heat insulation coating. The obtained transparent heat-insulating coating could achieve good heat shielding effect without affecting the transmittance of visible light. Therefore, nano tungsten oxide is attracting much attention as WO3 coating is the development trend of heat insulation industry in the future.


WO3 Smart Glass Applied for Energy-saving Building

WO3 smart glass applied for energy-saving building image

WO3 smart glass has an important application in energy-saving building as it can effectively save energy by regulating the solar heat gain and providing indoor comfort through reversible color changes. Wherein, WO3 is prepared into a thin film and is used as an electrochromic layer for the fabrication of such a smart glass. So, WO3 is known to be more attracting to researchers.


Electrochromic Film: Amorphous Tungsten Oxide Film

electrochromic film: amorphous tungsten oxide film picture

Some researchers deposited an electrochromic film – an amorphous tungsten oxide film on a glass substrate with a transparent conductive film by a planar magnetron reactive sputtering method.


Carbon-coated Tungsten Oxide Applied for Hydrogen Evolution Catalyst

carbon-coated tungsten oxide applied for hydrogen evolution catalyst image

As a hydrogen evolution catalyst, carbon-coated tungsten oxide greatly improves the hydrogen evolution performance of electrolytic water of tungsten oxide in acid media, and shows good electrochemical stability. Wherein, the improvement of the catalytic performance of this kind of catalyst is mainly controlled by Gibbs free energy of hydrogen adsorption of tungsten oxide through carbon coating. Well, what is the mechanism for the enhancement of the electrochemical hydrogen evolution performance of carbon-coated tungsten oxide?


Electrochromic Material: Tungsten Oxide Film

electrochromic material: tungsten oxide film image

As a well-known electrochromic material, the studies on the preparation of tungsten oxide film are getting more and more important. The researchers have prepared tungsten oxide films by sol-gel and spin-coating methods using PTA as the precursor sol.


Tungsten Oxide Nanoparticles Applied for Electrochromic Film

tungsten oxide nanoparticles applied for electrochromic film picture

Tungsten oxide nanoparticles are widely applied to smart windows in the form of an electrochromic film as tungsten oxide (WO3) is a feasible electrochromic material that can be of benefit in practical applications due to its rather highly optical reversible color change induced by an electrochemical process. Well, do you know how to prepare electrochromic film of tungsten oxide nanoparticles?


Nano Tungsten Trioxide Applied for Electrochromic Glass

nano tungsten trioxide applied for electrochromic glass image

Nano tungsten trioxide is well-known as an important electrochromic material for producing electrochromic glass. And the fabricated electrochromic glass is also called smart glass with the performance of adjusting the heat radiation and UV radiation of sunlight. Therefore, the electrochromic glass of nano tungsten trioxide is promising in the application of newly-built buildings, for reducing room temperature, saving energy and improving human comfort.