[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Scheelite Flotation Equipment – Flotation Column

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Tungsten scheelite flotation equipment usually includes mechanical agitated flotation machine and jet flotation machine. In recent years, with the continuous progress of the process, a new type of flotation equipment also added to the flotation equipment team, it is the flotation column.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Concentrate Spiral Chute Beneficiation

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Spiral chute beneficiation utilizes the water current flow from slope into chute, under vertical movement to separate ore and grit. It utilizes different proportion and density to separate mine and gangue mineral. In recent years, it has gradually taken place of tabling beneficiation.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Scheelite pH Value Regulator

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Tungsten scheelite flotation is difficult in separation of scheelite and gangue minerals. Calcium ion affects selectivity of collector. To improve selectivity, pH value regulator shall be added to create better flotation environment for scheelite flotation.


[Know Tungsten] Effect of Tungsten Powder Granularity on Tungsten Copper Electrode

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Compared with other electrode, tungsten copper electrode has many advantages, such as high quality, high efficiency, low wastage and high MRR (Material Removal Rate), etc. Therefore, tungsten copper electrode is suitable for rotating speed mold and finish of hard to processing material. At present, the most literatures are focused on the influence of processing, including W skeleton, density, hardness and uniformity on tungsten copper electrode, but this paper is inclined to discuss that tungsten powder granularity effects.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Copper Contact Tip

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Tungsten copper contact tip is a kind of welding consumables and it is generally located in the end of welding torch, which play a role in delivering welding wire. According to the hole shape, it can be divided into round, square, ellipse, triangle and so on. Common used materials for contact tips include pure copper, brass, beryllium copper, chromium zirconium copper, beryllium cobalt copper, etc.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Application

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Melting point of tungsten is 3410℃, boiling point is 5900℃, it evaporates slowly under high temperature, has low thermal expansion coefficient, high hardness, high density, good electric emission property. Tungsten is regarded as teeth of industry, it has wide application in industrial field, such as mine, metallurgy, machining, construction, transportation, electricity, chemistry, light industry, textile, military, aviation, technology.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Metallurgy Method

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Tungsten metallurgy products mainly include ammonium paratungstate, tungsten trioxide, blue tungsten oxide, violet tungsten oxide, tungsten powder, ammonium metatungstate, tungsten carbide powder. Ammonium paratungstate is the main intermediate product and the raw material in tungsten metallurgy products.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Beneficiation Process

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At present, China has tungsten reserve of 55% which ranks the first in the world, among which tungsten scheelite accounts for two thirds of the total reserve. However, tungsten scheelite has less quantity in rich ore and has low grade. If explored by exist process, there will be very little economic efficiency. 


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Resource Reserve and Distribution in China

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Tungsten is a kind of wide distributed rare metal and accounts for 0.001% in the earth crust. World tungsten mine resources mainly locate in Alps-Himalayas and circum-pacific geological belt. China is between these two geological belt and has the world largest tungsten reserve.