Recycle Ammonium Paratungstate from Tungsten Residue

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In traditional ammonium paratungstate (APT) producing method, add tungsten into hydrochloride solution to remove impurities. Main impurities in tungsten residue are phosphoric ion, magnesium ion, ferro ion and potassium ion. 


Almonty Industries Signs EPC Contract for Sangdong Tungsten-Moly Mine

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Almonty Industries Inc. (TSXV:AII) announced that it has signed an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract with POSCO E&C for the development works at the Korea-based Sangdong tungsten-moly mine.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Ore Activator – Lead Nitrate

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In flotation mineral slurry, activator distribution is important for flotation. Metal ion attached on the surface of mineral can improve its electric potential, ion collector and targeted mineral can function better.


Know Tungsten] Tungsten Scheelite Collector – Oxidized Paraffin Soap


Oxidized paraffin soap uses petroleum as raw material, obtained by oxidation and saponification treatment. Its appearance is brown red or yellow powder, soluble in water, mainly used for tungsten scheelite collector.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Scheelite Non-ionizing Collector

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Non-ionizing collector is a kind of auxiliary type of tungsten scheelite collector. Because it does not exist in its own solid group, it can not be formed on the surface of the mineral adsorption layer, and only physical attachment in some natural hydrophobic mineral surface, so such collector can only be used to capture graphite, molybdenum ore, sulfur and other natural floating minerals, can not be used alone to float scheelite.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Scheelite Cationic Collector

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Cationic collector is the active groups adsorbed on the mineral surface to make the mineral hydrophobic cationic after dissociation. It can be used as tungsten scheelite collector. Fatty amines collector is the main type.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Scheelite Amphoteric Collector

tungsten scheelite amphoteric collector iamge

Amphoteric collector is a heterogeneous organic compound with both anions and cations in the molecule. The common used collectors include a-amino fatty acid, alkyl phosphate (salt), alkylamine propionic acid, oxyethylene type collector.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Scheelite Anionic Collector

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Anionic collector is a collector that is adsorbed on the mineral surface after the dissociation of the active group of hydrophobic minerals. It is main type of tungsten scheelite collector. There are four catagories: fatty acid, sulfoacid, phosphoric acid and chelating agent.


[Know Tungsten] Wolframite Slime Recovery – Selective Flocculation Flotation Method

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Wolframite slime is an beneficiation issue due o its fine particle. It is ever harder to recycle finer minerals in slime. In recent years, to deal with fine particle wolframite slime effectively, there is a method to accumulate first and beneficiation second, selective flocculation flotation method is one of the newly developed wolframite slime recycle method.


Yellow Tungsten Oxide History

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Yellow Tungsten oxide is an oxide form of tungsten, appearance is yellow powder. It has two different grain sizes and color. When grain size is 1.5um, it is light yellow. When grain size is 15um, it is yellow green. Although they have different appearance, their property is similar.