[Know Tungsten] Yellow Tungsten Oxide Nanopowder

yellow tungsten oxide nanopowder picture

Yellow tungsten oxide nanopowder is also called tungsten trioxide nanopowder, which is an n-type semiconductor oxide material. As a photocatalyst, tungsten trioxide nanopowder may: 


[Know Tungsten] Tungstate Production – Micro-emulsion Method

tungstate production-micro-emulsion method image

Emulsion ahs three types, water-in-oil type, oil-in-water type, intermediate state double continuous phase microemulsion. In the preparation of tungstate, the oil chemicals commonly used are n-butanol and cyclohexane.


[Know Tungsten] Tungstic Acid

tungstic acid image

Tungstic acid is an important chemical product of tungsten, it has wide application, chemical formula is mWO3•nH2O. Tungstic acid is poly chemical compound of combination with WO3 and water by different ratio, the common seen tungstic acid includes yellow tungstic acid, white tungstic acid and metatungstate.


[Know Tungsten] Calcium Tungstate

calcium tungstate image

Calcium tungstate is also called artificial scheelite, chemical formula is CaWO4, they have same composition but different function. Tungsten scheelite is original mineral without processing, calcium tungstate is chemical products of tungstate.


[Know Tungsten] High-purity Yellow Tungsten Oxide

High-purity yellow tungsten oxide, also known as high-purity tungsten trioxide, is a kind of yellow powder with high main content (WO3), low impurity content and excellent physicochemical properties compared with conventional yellow tungsten oxide.


[Know Tungsten] Ti Doped Violet Tungsten Oxide

Ti doped violet tungsten oxide refers to the crystal lattice of VTO doped Ti (titanium atoms) to form a new type of crystal lattice. 


[Know Tungsten] Mo Doped Violet Tungsten Oxide

Mo doped violet tungsten oxide, or Mo-W18O49, can be synthesized by hydrothermal method. The Mo-W18O49 can be applied as the catalyst in manufacturing hydrogen with a very high activity. Why does molybdenum doping can increase the hydrogen activity of Mo-W18O49?


[Know Tungsten] V-doped Violet Tungsten Oxide

V-doped violet tungsten oxide, or V doped violet tungsten oxide, is doping V (vanadium) into VTO (W18O49) nanowire lattice structure to generate doped W18O49 nanowire. Some studies indicate that V doped violet tungsten oxide can be directly synthesized by solvothermal method, using tungsten hexachloride (WCl6) as tungsten source and NH4VO3 as dopant.


[Know Tungsten] Doped Violet Tungsten Oxide

Doped violet tungsten oxide (VTO, W18O49) is the VTO product obtained by doping modification with a better property, like gas sensitive, catalyzing and others. Studies have indicated that doping is the excellent method to modify W18O49.


[Know Tungsten] Doping Blue Tungsten Oxide

Doping blue tungsten oxide, or doped blue tungsten oxide, is the β-tungsten trioxide doped with small amounts of other elements to enhance its properties, such as K2O, SiO2, and Al2O3. The role of additives is the recombination action of Si-Al-K. Si-Al will promote the formation of β-W. K enters the lattice of W, under high temperature calcination, residue of K in tungsten rod will improve the non-sag performance of tungsten wire.