Residual Alkali Recycle from Tungsten Smelting

residual alkali recycle from tungsten smelting image

Scheelite is a troublesome raw material in tungsten smelting. With the popularization of alkali pressure leaching technology in the last century, the production capacity and scale of scheelite smelting have been greatly improved, and the technology has been further mature. Because of the excessive alkali process, although most of the alkali is consumed in the leaching process, the residual alkali in crude sodium tungstate solution is still very high after the reaction.


Hydrothermal Synthesis of Tungsten Oxide Nanowires

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Tungsten oxide is a kind of transition metal oxide, which belongs to n-type semiconductor and has a wide range of applications. At present, a large number of studies have found that tungsten-based oxides not only act as catalysts, electrochromic, solar energy absorption materials and invisible materials, but also have the characteristics of semiconductor functional materials such as thermal, pressure and gas sensitivity.


High Performance Tungsten Oxide Photocatalyst Preparation

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As a member of transition metal oxides, tungsten oxide (WO3) is an indirect bandgap n-type semiconductor material with a band gap of 2.2-2.8eV. It has good absorption of visible light, so it is a very promising semiconductor photocatalyst. However, at present, there are many methods to prepare tungsten trioxide, which have poor controllability and difficult to grasp the photocatalytic performance.


Tungsten Powder Preparation by One-step Reduction Method

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In order to prepare tungsten powder from ammonium paratungstate, tungsten oxide should be burned in a weak reduction atmosphere before hydrogen reduction is a common method in industry. The tungsten powder prepared by this process is mostly polycrystalline, which is the main material for preparing tungsten alloy and tungsten carbide.


Tungsten Disulfide Powder Used in Parts Polishing

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Tungsten disulfide powder has metallic luster and good lubricity. Therefore, it can be used in parts polishing to improve the smoothness and brightness of parts surfaces. Usually, tungsten disulfide powder is mixed with isopropanol in the polishing process.


Tungsten Disulfide Powder Used in Parts Sandblasting

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Tungsten disulfide powder with good lubricating performance is usually used in parts sandblasting so as to improve the mechanical properties of the parts themselves. Tungsten disulfide powder can adhere tightly to parts with the aid of sandblasting.


Two-dimensional Tungsten Oxide - Tin Niobate Nanosheet Composite Semiconductor Materials

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Recently, two-dimensional tungsten oxide-tin niobate nanosheet composite semiconductor materials have been prepared by two-step hydrothermal method. The reaction process is simple and the photocatalytic activity of the products is good. The main steps are as follows:


Cemented Carbide with Iron and Nickel As Binder

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Cemented carbide is known as industrial teeth. Its main component is tungsten carbide (WC). Because cobalt powder has good wettability to tungsten, cobalt is generally used as bonding phase. The conventional proportion is 2-10%. Over the past year, the price of cobalt has been rising, which has seriously affected the production cost of cemented carbides. Experts and scholars around the world are studying new resources of new cemented carbide materials. Tesla is trying to replace cobalt with iron and nickel as new materials for batteries. In the cemented carbide industry, some enterprises use iron and nickel instead of cobalt.


Ultrafine Tungsten Powder Preparation by Doping Rare Earth Yttrium

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In order to improve the properties of tungsten and tungsten alloys, yttrium doping is a very effective method. It can improve the properties of tungsten and tungsten alloys by changing the reaction sequence, affecting the skeleton and growth, and forming second phase reinforcement phase. Therefore, researchers have developed a method for preparing ultrafine tungsten (W) powder by doping rare earth yttrium (Y) with ammonium paratungstate (APT).


Hexapetal Flower-like Tungsten Trioxide Photocatalyst with Heterostructure

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Tungsten trioxide is regarded as one of the most promising photocatalysts because of its visible light response. However, one of the difficult problems it faces is its poor catalytic activity. Although noble metal platinum (Pt) supported tungsten trioxide exhibits high catalytic performance, the price of platinum is unbearable, so it is imperative to study cheaper synthetic materials.