Six Tips for Caring and Clearing Tungsten Rings

In recent years, tungsten rings have been a popular choice for their durable and scratch-resistant properties. However, they can also lose their luster over time. Below, we will explain how to take care of your tungsten wedding ring.

1. Do not use harsh chemicals

Chlorine bleach, oven cleaner, drain cleaner, or ammonia should not be used on tungsten rings as this can damage the finish of your ring. That said, if you need to be exposed to these chemicals, you should remove the ring. For example, remove your ring if you are swimming in a chlorinated pool or changing your car's oil.

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2. Store the ring in a cloth bag

You should not put tungsten jewelry with other metal jewelry because tungsten's high hardness may scratch softer metals, such as gold. Find a soft cloth bag with the purpose of separating the tungsten ring from the rest of the jewelry. This will also reduce the chance of losing the ring and prevent dust and dirt.

3. Check your ring before cleaning

If your wedding band is embedded with gemstones, check for loose struts or broken stones. In cases such as these, take the ring to a jeweler for repair.

4. Wash tungsten with soap and water

Soapy water is the best cleaning solution for all jewelry because it is gentle and effective enough. Simply add three drops of mild dishwashing liquid (mild or natural type) to each cup of water. Warm soapy water can also be used to clean the dirt from the crevices of the ring.

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5. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush

A soft-bristled toothbrush is one of the best tools for cleaning jewelry, but make sure there is no toothpaste residue on the toothbrush as the chemicals in toothpaste may damage the surface of the ring. When cleaning the ring, move slowly. Scrub between the set stones and the engraved areas. If the dirt does not come off, soak again or use a dull toothpick.

6. Rinse and polish the tungsten to dry it

After cleaning off the tarnish, place the ring in a bowl of fresh water to remove any excess residue. If the bowl of water does not do the trick, you can also rinse it under the faucet. Use a microfiber cloth (preferably lint-free) while safely drying and polishing the ring.

If you don't want to use soap to clean tungsten rings rinse off the surface of the ring with water and leave it to dry on a paper towel. To keep your ring in top condition, clean it once a week or when it gets dirty.