【Know Tungsten】What Is Blue Tungsten Oxide?

Blue tungsten oxide is the product of the interaction between reducing agent and tungsten compound, usually called blue tungsten. The composition of blue tungsten is very complex, and there are also intermediate oxides such as WO2 and W4. If the composition of blue tungsten is calculated as WO, the tungsten content is 82.13%, while the tungsten content in WO is 79.30%. That is to say, the tungsten content in blue tungsten oxide is greater than tungsten trioxide. According to the blue tungsten oxide product standard requirements, its purity is 99.95%, and the tungsten content should reach 80%~80.8%.

The preparation methods of blue tungsten oxide include: APT sealed calcination method, APT hydrogen mild reduction method, intrinsic reduction method, ion exchange method, etc. Among them, the ion exchange method is the most common and economical preparation method.

Blue tungsten oxide can be used to produce tungsten powder, and then produce tungsten products such as cemented carbide, pure tungsten and tungsten alloy products. In recent years, blue tungsten oxide has been used in emerging industries such as lubricants, catalysts, thin film substrates for semiconductor equipment, radiation protection products, electronic components, raw materials for glass thermal insulation coating dispersions, etc.