【Know Tungsten】What Is Violet Tungsten Oxide?

Violet tungsten oxide, named for its violet appearance, is a violet or blue-violet fine crystal-like powder.

Violet tungsten oxide is usually produced by controlling certain reduction conditions using ammonium paratungstate, tungstic acid or tungsten trioxide as raw materials. The preparation methods of violet tungsten usually include APT wet hydrogen direct reduction method, hydrogen tungstate reduction method, APT mild reduction method, etc.

Due to the special needle-like or fine columnar crystal structure of violet tungsten oxide, and its more abundant cracks than other tungsten oxide particles (all tungsten oxide particles have abundant cracks inside), this structure has large gaps, making Its bulk density is low, which is beneficial to reduction or other reactions. The uses of violet tungsten oxide are as follows:

1. Preparation of tungsten powder, especially the preparation of nanometer, submicron or ultra-fine tungsten powder;

2. Used in gas sensors, showing good gas sensitivity to nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at room temperature;

3. Preparation of tungsten carbide powder and ultrafine WC-Co powder.

4. Raw materials for the production of glass thermal insulation coating dispersions.

5. Additives for lithium battery cathode materials.