Stabilization Amidst Tungsten Price Fluctuations: An Analysis

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

China tungsten price currently is in a phase of stabilizing consolidation after experiencing rapid and substantial increases. 

Following the attainment of historic highs, some profit-taking has occurred, leading to short-term trading activities that have mildly disrupted market sentiment while alleviating concerns regarding material scarcity. However, moderate market circulation not only fails to exert significant downward pressure but also contributes to market stability by confirming the emerging market dynamics and maintaining a cautious, demand-driven approach to procurement.

Central to our observation at Chinatungsten Online is the ongoing, real-time monitoring and analysis of frontline market conditions. Despite tungsten prices reaching unprecedented levels, the current state of the tungsten product market reflects:

1.The overall value of the tungsten industry chain has yet to fully demonstrate its scarcity as a strategic resource and critical mineral.

2.There is a lack of recognition of China's dominance in tungsten resources.

3.Insufficient acknowledgment of the advanced capabilities of Chinese tungsten enterprises in extraction, refining, and processing technologies.

4.Limited return on investment despite substantial capital input into Chinese tungsten enterprises.

Based on these insights, the prevailing industry sentiment suggests that while short-term adjustments in tungsten prices may be warranted, the long-term positioning of tungsten products in terms of their true value and reasonable profit margins has been established on the basis of current market prices. It is unlikely that tungsten product prices will return to previous lows, as the new pricing level serves as a platform for stabilization and future upward trends, leveraging current market conditions.

Taking a broader perspective, it becomes evident that the rapid increase in tungsten raw material prices imposes higher demands on downstream enterprises in terms of operational management capabilities and product technological content. Companies engaged in homogenized, low-quality, and low-price competition without financial strength will face intensified competition and challenging survival environments. Excess capacity in the market will be reduced and optimized, facilitating a reshaping of the industry chain's supply-demand structure and an increase in industry concentration.

From a macroscopic viewpoint, China's resource advantages in tungsten products will soon transmit the new domestic market prices to the global market, confirming the pricing power of tungsten products in international markets based on domestic demand and anchored to the Chinese yuan cost.

In conclusion, Chinatungsten Online believes that this round of price increases will mark a historic event for the tungsten product industry, leaving a profound imprint on the development history of China's tungsten industry.

Prices of tungsten products on May 23, 2024

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