Zhangyuan Tungsten Declined Long-term Contract Prices for Early March 2023

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China’s ammonium paratungstate (APT) and tungsten powder prices remain weak adjustment on March 8, 2023 affected by the decline in new guide prices for the first half of this month. 

Zhangyuan Tungsten released its long-term contract prices for the first half of March: black tungsten concentrate (WO3≥55%) price was $18,153.8/ton, down $307.7/ton; scheelite concentrate (WO3≥55%) price was $17,615.4/ton, down $307.7/ton; APT price was $309.4/mtu, down $3.5/mtu compared with the second half of February. 

On the macro level, in the domestic market, the loosening of macro policies has been increased, and related domestic demand stimulus policies such as infrastructure and real estate have been adjusted and optimized to enhance the foundation and potential of market development. In the recent period of the National Two Sessions, the release of tungsten raw material resources is relatively limited, maintaining the bottom of the market.

In the international market, the behavior of major overseas economies to keep raising interest rates in order to curb inflation, as well as rising international geopolitical risks, will accelerate the occurrence of economic recession and hit market risk appetite. Under the risk aversion sentiment of consumers, the demand side of the tungsten market is under pressure. Industry players are concerned about the fall in global inflation and the turning point of monetary policy.

Prices of tungsten products on March 9, 2023

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Picture of tungsten needle 

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