Baotou Rare Earth Glazed Antibacterial Ceramics Enter North China

Since the introduction of the rare earth glazed antibacterial ceramics of Baotou Zhongke Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ‘Zhongke Ceramics’), it has been famous due to its unique antibacterial properties. The antibacterial ceramics won the gold medal in the 2019 Inner Mongolia Tourism Commodity. Till now, the annual output of Baotou's production demonstration line has reached 100,000 sets. The sales have increased year by year since 2018.

A few days ago, Zhongke Ceramics and Inner Mongolia Xibao Runze Trading Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the tea industry partners. So far, Zhongke Ceramics will add a new strong partner to the glaze ceramics are widely promoted in Inner Mongolia and North China.

Xibao Runze is a commerce and trade company dedicated to the promotion and promotion of tea and tourism culture. It holds rich tea sales channels and tourism resources. The cooperation aims to achieve the complementary advantages of both parties. The focus is on the close integration of glaze ceramics and tea culture.

Baotou marks rare earth breakthrough image

The general manager of the company, Pengxiang Han, said that in the next step, the company will focus on promoting rare earth glaze tea sets and tableware. "One is to allow more tea lovers to use glaze products daily. Promote antibacterial ceramics as gifts. To allow more people to use the ceramics on the table.

"Years of experience in the promotion of tea culture made Pengxiang Han realize that Baotou, as an inland city, has relatively few collisions with tea culture. Rare earth glaze ceramics, as a characteristic product, and their unique antibacterial properties are well-received by Baotou and Inner Mongolia. It could play a good role as a medium to promote tea culture." Han said.

The glazed ceramics of Zhongke Ceramics has been welcomed by the market due to their unique antibacterial properties. To make glaze ceramics enter thousands of households at a price close to the people, Zhongke Ceramics has launched new products such as mugs and tableware this year. The next step will be to introduce more set tableware, enter the supermarket, enter Specialty stores, let Rare Earth stay closer to life.

"Signing of the contract with Xibao Runze Trading Co., Ltd. will be based in Inner Mongolia to carry out investment promotion for the North China region, making the products spread throughout the North China region." Wang Xing, sales general manager of Zhongke Ceramics Technology said. The partners jointly promote glaze antibacterial ceramics, especially in Zhejiang Province and Fujian Province.

"In the future, we will rely on existing technology to carry out research and development of other functional ceramics, such as anti-bacterial and anti-drop ceramics, knives, etc., to enrich product categories, expand production scale, and build on a production demonstration line in Baotou.” Wang Xing revealed that the company is currently developing broad-spectrum antibacterial rare earth glaze antibacterial ceramics, including Helicobacter pylori. The ceramic industry would set off a revolutionary."