China Tungsten Market Made a Good Beginning in the Year of 2021

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

China tungsten market made a good beginning in the year of 2021 due to the factors as following: 

Firstly, due to stricter environmental protection in winter, power limit of factories in major tungsten producing areas, market supply reduces and factories’ operating rate also declines;

Secondly, some companies stop production to undergo repair before Chinese Spring Festival while downstream start a new round of restocking. Market trading becomes active;

Thirdly, as the cost of raw materials such as tungsten and cobalt has increased significantly recently, offers of downstream alloy products were raised after the holiday of New Year’s Day and thus sellers have strong rised mentality; 

Fourthly, due to the recovery of traditional domestic infrastructure and the rapid development of new infrastructure industries, the expansion potential of the downstream industrial chain of tungsten materials has increased and the demand market has been further expanded;

Finally, most raw material manufacturers are reluctant to sell their products considering previous low prices and risks of price inversion.

Prices of tungsten products on January 11, 2020

China tungsten market image

Picture of tungsten needle 

tungsten needle image

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