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What is Cesium Tungsten Bronze?

Cesium tungsten bronze, also known as cesium tungsten oxide, is an inorganic nanomaterial with good near-infrared absorption effect. 780nm) new functional materials with high transmittance.

English name: Cesium Tungsten Bronze

Molecular formula: Cs0.33WO3

Molecular weight: 276

CAS number: 189619-69-0

Physical and Chemical Properties of Cesium Tungsten Bronze:

The molecular structure of cesium tungsten bronze is oxygen octahedral structure, the purity is higher than 99.9%, the bulk density is 1.5g/ml, the particle size is relatively uniform, the primary particle size is about 30nm, the specific surface area is about 50m2/g, and it is not easy to agglomerate, non-toxic , Non-radioactive features.

The Production Method of Cesium Tungsten Bronze:

Method 1: Preparation of Cs0.33WO3 from Na2WO4•2H2O and Cs2CO3

1. Using sodium tungstate Na2WO4•2H2O as raw material, prepare a sodium tungstate solution with a concentration of 0.5 mol/L.

2. Obtain tungstic acid sol by cation resin exchange, add citric acid (analytical grade) solution with a concentration of 1 mol/L or 2 mol/L and a cesium carbonate Cs2CO3 (analytical grade) solution with a concentration of 0.3 mol/L, and stir evenly , to obtain the precursor for the hydrothermal reaction.

3. Put the precursor solution into the autoclave, react at 190 ℃ for 3 days, and then go through ultrasonic washing, alcohol washing, centrifugation and drying to finally obtain Cs0.33WO3 powder.

Cesium Tungsten Bronze Application:

1. Transparent thermal insulation coatings and films.

2. Thermal insulation chemical fiber, textile fiber and other high-performance thermal insulation media.

3. Transparent heat insulation window film, building coating.

4. Auto film, PVB heat insulation laminated film, laser marking, laser welding, photothermal diagnosis and treatment, infrared filter.

Cesium Tungsten Bronze Packaging:

25kg or 50kg net weight, packed in double-layer polyethylene plastic bags inside, and plastic drums/iron drums as outer packaging; vacuum packaging or other net weight requirements, or the order weight is less than the standard packaging specifications, customized according to the actual situation; conventional packaging is Product name + batch number and other neutral text printing//writing, if you need personalized content, you can also customize.

For more information, please visit: http://cesium-tungsten-bronze.com/

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