Semiconductor Photocatalytic Material: Yellow Tungsten Oxide

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Yellow tungsten oxide, namely tungsten trioxide or WO3, is a common semiconductor photocatalytic material. Certainly, there are other common semiconductor photocatalytic materials such as TiO2, ZnO, Fe2O3 and Bi2WO6. Wherein, so far, the most studied material is TiO2. However, due to the shortcomings of TiO2 - wide band gap and low conversion efficiency of visible light, people have begun to improve the light utilization efficiency of photocatalysts from two directions:


New Energy-saving Building Material: WO3 Electrochromic Glass

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As a new energy-saving building material, WO3 electrochromic glass has attracted more and more attention. For example, some experts use a WO3 thin film having nanocrystalline mosaic structure as an electrochromic material, and combine it with NiO to assemble an electrochromic device – an electrochromic glass, with high spectral modulation amplitude.


Yellow Tungsten Oxide Composite Film

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A yellow tungsten oxide composite film uses amorphous tungsten oxide as a matrix, and the SiO2 nanocrystals are uniformly distributed in the amorphous tungsten oxide. Some experts prepared such a composite film with a spectral modulation amplitude at 633 nm of 46%, a coloring time of 8 s, and a fade time of 4.3 s through the following steps:


Photocatalyst: Yellow Tungsten Oxide

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As a photocatalyst, yellow tungsten oxide (WO3) has significant volume effects, surface effects, quantum size effects, and macro quantum tunnel effects, so that it has a wide range of applications in environmental pollution purification and energy regeneration, and therefore it has attracted much attention. Compared with commonly used photocatalysts such as TiO2 and ZnO, yellow tungsten oxide has a smaller forbidden band width and a larger light absorption range, thus it can use visible light (accounting for nearly half of the solar radiation energy) more effectively.


Preparation of Rare-earth-doped Yellow Tungsten Oxide Photocatalyst

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Do you know how to prepare rare-earth-doped yellow tungsten oxide photocatalyst? The preparation process of such a photocatalyst: prepare pure yellow tungsten oxide (WO3) powder at first, and then dope WO3 powder with rare earth metal.


Doping Modification Enhances Photocatalytic Degradation of Yellow Tungsten Oxide

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By doping modification, yellow tungsten oxide’s photocatalytic degradation can be enhanced. Wherein, metal ion doping is a more common method used. Metal ion doping can improve the surface state of yellow tungsten oxide (WO3) catalysts, inhibit the recombination of photo-generated electrons and holes, and increase surface active groups. Therefore, a detailed study of the effects of metal ion doping on the structure, surface properties and photocatalytic activity of WO3 will help to understand the photocatalytic reaction mechanism and guide the preparation of highly active WO3 photocatalysts.


Rare-earth-doped Yellow Tungsten Oxide

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Yellow tungsten oxide or WO3 can be used as a photocatalyst. Rare-earth-doped yellow tungsten oxide is WO3 doped with rare earth element that has better photocatalytic performance than pure WO3 powder. Rare earth elements are prone to generate multiple electronic configurations. Their oxides have the characteristics of polymorphism, strong adsorption selectivity and good thermal stability. Also, after doping, the light absorption band of the photocatalyst moves to the visible light region.


A Method for Improving Photocatalytic Activity of Yellow Tungsten Oxide

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Yellow tungsten oxide, namely tungsten trioxide or WO3, is a kind of semiconductor material having excellent performance and wide applications. As a semiconductor photocatalyst, tungsten trioxide has a wide range of applications in the fields of photolysis of water to produce hydrogen and oxygen, and degradation of organic pollutants or inorganic pollutants. However, the photocatalytic activity of WO3 needs to be further improved to make better use of solar energy. In this regard, the experts have proposed a method to improve the photocatalytic activity of yellow tungsten oxide.


How to Improve Photocatalytic Property of Yellow Tungsten Oxide?

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Do you know how to improve the photocatalytic property of yellow tungsten oxide? As a photocatalyst, yellow tungsten oxide (tungsten trioxide/WO3) has broad application prospects in photolysis of water, and degradation of organic and inorganic pollutants in the atmosphere and under water. However, the band gap of WO3 is 2.7eV, so that it can only absorb and use the part with less than 450nm wavelength in sunlight, and can only use about 10% of the energy in solar energy. In other words, at present, WO3 photocatalyst generally has shortcomings such as short absorption wavelength, low solar spectrum utilization, and high carrier recombination rate.


Yellow Tungsten Oxide Applied for Photocatalytic Water Splitting

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In recent years, semiconductor photocatalytic research has developed rapidly. Wherein, yellow tungsten oxide (tungsten trioxide /WO3) has become more and more attractive as a photocatalyst. Tungsten trioxide catalyst has the advantages of stable catalytic performance, no secondary pollution, no photo-corrosion and no toxicity. Therefore, it is widely used in photocatalytic water splitting. Some experts researched the photocatalytic activity of WO3 and found that the optimal oxygen production of WO3 is about 79.9 μmol/(L·h) under visible light radiation.




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