Tungsten Molybdenum Resource Country Issued New Mineral Strategy, Opened Up Mining Industry

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You may know that Victoria is located on the southeast coast of Australia and is known as the “Garden State” and the “Australian Miniature”! However, you know that although the state is only three percent of Australia's land area, its GDP is more than a quarter of Australia's. It has to be said that part of the credit is its rich natural mineral resources, which provides a good foundation for the development of the Australian economy. Therefore, Australia can be said to be the country with the largest tungsten and molybdenum resources.


Tungsten Copper Throat Insert Helps Chinese Private Rockets Lift Off?

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A few days ago, the Chinese private rocket, the "hyperbolic Z" rocket, was the first sub-orbital test. This is not the first time launch a space launch. In the earlier, another private company also successfully conducted a sounding rocket test, the first private commercial rocket in China. However, what do you know about tungsten copper throat inserts while knowing these messages? Whether the tungsten copper throat inserts help Chinese private rockets lift off?

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We all know that the working environment of the rocket is very bad, especially the nozzle throat of the solid rocket engine. As a rocket fan, you may know that the solid rocket engine refers to a chemical rocket engine that uses solid propellant, which is also known as a solid propellant rocket engine. You may also know that there are many solid propellants, such as polyurethane, polybutadiene and so on. But do you know what is the tungsten copper throat insert?

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Tungsten copper throat insert is the lining material of the nozzle of the solid rocket engine nozzle. It is made of tungsten copper composite material, which is a self-sweating cooling throat lining material. It meets the requirements of the throat insert. Which with resistant to high temperature, corrosion and wear, high hardness, light weight, ablation resistance, thermal mechanical shock resistance and so on.

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According to statistics, between 65 and 75 percent of the rocket's thrust is accelerated by the throat of the nozzle to the speed of sound. This shows the importance of the throat insert to the rocket as a whole. However, the working environment of the nozzle throat is very bad. The temperature rise at the moment of ignition is about two thousand degrees Celsius per second, and the working temperature is also very high, usually about three thousand degrees Celsius. Therefore, the throat insert has a high requirement for the high temperature strength of its material. At a temperature of three thousand degrees Celsius or higher, the copper contained in the two-phase structure of the tungsten copper composite will vaporize and absorb a large amount of heat, so that the temperature of the surface of the throat insert is significantly reduced, so that it can meet the high temperature environment of the rocket.

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That is to say, the tungsten copper composite material utilizes the sweating and cooling effect of copper volatilization at a high temperature, which can lower the surface temperature of the tungsten copper and ensure its use under high temperature extreme conditions. Tungsten copper materials can be used not only on the throat of solid rocket motors, but also on missile or rocket engine components such as gas rudders, air rudders, nose cones, guards and fasteners. At the same time, tungsten copper composite materials also used in vacuum switchgear and electronic packaging of its excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance.

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Do you want to know what is the tungsten copper composite material?

Tungsten copper composites is referred to as "pseudo-alloys", which is the composites of tungsten and copper, it does not solidify or form intermetallic compounds. The weak interaction between tungsten and copper makes them compatible with the advantages of tungsten and copper after compounding. With the properties of high melting point, arc corrosion resistance, fusion resistance and corrosion resistance of tungsten and excellent electrical conductivity of copper. It can be used as a heat dissipating component in large-scale integrated circuits and microwave devices, which can effectively extend the service life of electronic components.

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It is not known whether the tungsten copper throat insert will help the Chinese private rockets to rise. Because the material of the solid rocket motor nozzle throat lining is not only include tungsten copper material, also include graphite, SiC ceramic, carbon fiber, phenolic resin, C/C composite and other refractory metals such as tungsten alloy. Finally, the Rockets fans, do you know which one is best suited to "fly" with the missile?

Tungsten Hexafluoride Purification Process

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Tungsten hexafluoride, chemical formula for WF6, is a colorless gas, condensation, light yellow liquid, molar mass 297.83 g/mol, is one of the densest gases. Tungsten hexafluoride is mainly used for chemical vapor deposition of tungsten. It is also used to fabricate interconnects with low resistance and high melting point, large integrated circuit electronic components, protective shields against X-ray or gamma-ray, and high-efficiency solar absorbers.


Narrow Grain Ultra Coarse Tungsten Carbide Powder Preparation

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As the main raw material of high performance cemented carbide for mining and engineering, the particle size distribution of ultra-coarse tungsten carbide powder has a decisive influence on the quality of cemented carbide. The granularity distribution of tungsten carbide powder is too wide, which will significantly reduce the properties of ultra coarse cemented carbide prepared by using tungsten carbide powder.


Single-layer Tungsten Disulfide Mass Production

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Graphene is known as the king of materials, but graphene is a zero band gap two-dimensional material, can not be used as transistor channel layer, limiting its further application in nano-electronic devices, photoelectric conversion and other aspects.


Tungsten Carbide Silver Contacts Prepared By High-energy Ball Milling

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Electrical contacts are the core components of electrical switches, which play the roles of switching on, carrying and sectional current. Their performance largely determines the performance and reliability of electrical switches. Because of the high melting point of tungsten carbide and its strong resistance to electric corrosion, silver carbide has excellent conductivity and thermal conductivity, silver tungsten carbide materials also have good performance.


Chemical Coating Method for Silver Tungsten Carbide Contact Material

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Silver tungsten carbide contact material has the advantages of high hardness, oxidation resistance and relatively stable contact resistance compared with silver-tungsten contact material under the same manufacturing process, especially high breaking ability, low corrosion and low welding tendency. Silver tungsten carbide 40 contact material is usually used as contact material in modern circuit breakers abroad. Because of its superior performance, there has been a trend to replace silver tungsten 50.


Improved Extraction Method

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For the separation and extraction of tungsten, the common methods include solvent extraction, precipitation, ion exchange, activated carbon adsorption and so on. Overall evaluation shows that in the existing technology of separation of tungsten, there are many shortcomings, such as low separation efficiency, complex process, environmental pollution and so on. How to break through the existing technology and improve separation efficiency is the problem that scientific and technological personnel need to solve.


High Density Rare Earth Tungsten Electrode Manufacturing

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As an indispensable functional material in machinery, shipbuilding, aerospace, construction, nuclear power, metallurgy and other industries, tungsten electrode materials are mainly used in inert gas shielded welding, plasma cutting, spraying and smelting technology. At the same time, another important application of tungsten electrode material is to act as a hot cathode electron emission source in welding process.


Spherical Tungsten Powder

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Spherical tungsten powder has powder shape in spherical, compared to regular tungsten powder, it has the characteristics of good powder flowing ability and high tap density, it is widely used in thermal spray, multi porous material and powder metallurgy industry.




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