Tungsten Oxide Pencil-like Nanostructure Arrays

tungsten oxide pencil-like nanostructure arrays image

Tungsten oxide is an important semiconductor material. It is widely used in electrochromic devices, gas chromic devices, photovoltaic cells and other photovoltaic devices.


Tungsten Oxide Nanowire Catalyst

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Due to the continuous consumption of fossil fuels and the increasingly prominent environmental problems, the search for clean and sustainable use of new energy has become an increasingly important topic. Among many new energy sources, hydrogen energy has become a research hotspot due to its high energy density, clean (water products) and sustainable utilization.


How to Prepare Tungsten Carbide--Carbon Composites

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Tungsten carbide has a catalytic activity similar to platinum. It has stable physical and chemical properties and low cost. With people's attention to clean energy, the application of tungsten carbide in catalytic fields, such as direct methanol fuel cell, catalytic hydrogen evolution, supercapacitor and catalytic desulfurization, has attracted extensive attention of scientists. For example, tungsten carbide as a catalyst can partly replace or to some extent save precious metals such as platinum and palladium, and its application prospect is broad.


Activated Carbon Supported Silver Phosphomolybdate-Tungsten Heteropoly Acid Catalyst

activated carbon supported silver phosphomolybdate-tungsten heteropolyacid catalyst image

With the introduction of the concept of green chemistry, the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the emphasis on environmental protection, these inorganic acid catalysts are gradually being eliminated. Heteropoly acid and its salts catalysts are a new type of solid acid catalysts developed in recent years. Heteropoly acid is a kind of oxygen-containing polyacid formed by the bridging coordination of heteroatoms (such as P, Si, Fe, Co, etc.) and polyatoms (such as Mo, W, V) through oxygen atoms, such as phosphomolybdenum tungsten, phosphomolybdenum vanadium, silicotungstic acid and silicomolybdic acid.


Silver Nickel Tungsten Carbide Contact

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With the development of social economy, there are many applications requiring smart frame circuit breakers to have higher electrical life. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a kind of material with strong resistance to arc erosion as static contacts, which can be used in pairs with AgW50 dynamic contacts, so as to greatly improve the electrical life of intelligent frame circuit breakers and meet the requirements of various applications.


Technological Evolution of Rare Earth Tungsten Electrode Technological Evolution

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Tungsten is a kind of high melting point metal with melting point of 3410 ℃, so it becomes a special process to make it into regular shape. The addition of rare earth elements to tungsten can effectively improve the performance of materials, but the difficulty of forming and processing is obviously increased. Moreover, the preparation of rare earth tungsten electrodes from rare earth tungsten slabs still needs a long process.


Nano Flake Tungsten Trioxide Photocatalyst

nano flake tungsten trioxide photocatalyst image

In recent years, with the rapid development of social economy, the impact of human activities on the earth has become more and more serious, making the pollution of the earth more and more serious, especially the water pollution. In order to solve this problem, people began to study photocatalyst, hoping that it can alleviate the environmental pollution.


Copper Phosphotungstate--Attapulgite Composite Oxidative Desulfurization Catalyst

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Oxygenated desulfurization (ODS) technology has mild operating conditions, high selectivity, and no need of hydrogen, which reduces operating costs. It has high desulfurization efficiency for benzothiophene compounds which are difficult to remove in catalytic hydrogenation, and can meet the requirements of ultra-deep desulfurization. It has good application prospects. Catalyst is a key factor in catalytic oxidation desulfurization. Catalysts for the oxidation of hydrogen peroxide are usually organic acids such as formic acid and acetic acid, heteropoly acids such as phosphotungstic acid, metal oxides, etc.


Improved Process for Preparing Nano Tungsten Carbide

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Tungsten carbide is the main raw material for the manufacture of cemented carbide products, and its particle size has a decisive influence on the properties of cemented carbide products. The preparation of nano tungsten carbide has become the main way to improve the strength and toughness of cemented carbide products.


Phosphorus Removal Process Before Ion Exchange

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With the shortage of mineral resources, the national environmental protection policy has become increasingly stringent, and attention has been paid to the upgrading of scheelite smelting methods. The development and application of tungsten smelting processes with high metal yield and low energy consumption, which can achieve closed circuit recycling and zero emission, can not only create profits for enterprises, but also preserve wealth for future generations.




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