Comprehensive Treatment of Tungsten Waste Water after Ion Exchange

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In the process of the production of ammonium para Tungstate by ion exchange, there will be a large amount of waste water, including four kinds of waste water, washing water, ammonia washing water, and crystal mother liquor. The wastewater mainly contains tungsten, alkali, chloride ion, ammonia nitrogen, COD, a small amount of arsenic, fluoride ion and other elements. Because of the complex composition of the wastewater, the traditional wastewater treatment methods can not simultaneously achieve multiple components at the same time, so the treatment effect is not good, it also needs to spend a lot of cost to ensure the environmental emission indicators.


Recovery of Tungsten and Cobalt Waste by Acid Pickling

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Tungsten and cobalt are important additives in hard alloys. With the rapid development of hard alloys in China, the contradiction between tungsten and cobalt resources and the increasing demand is becoming more and more obvious. The recycling of tungsten and cobalt resources has been paid more and more attention. At present, most of the recovery of tungsten and cobalt from the waste hard alloy is made by electrolysis. The source of raw materials is limited and the price is high. The economic benefit of tungsten carbide is limited by purchasing tungsten carbide.


Nano Tungsten Carbide Doped Graphene Modified Lubricant

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Graphene is a new carbon material with carbon atoms tightly packed into a single layer two-dimensional honeycomb lattice structure. It is the basic unit for the construction of the most commonly used solid lubricant - graphite. It has a lower friction coefficient than graphite. It is a new type of self lubricating coating additive.


Zero Pollution Leaching Ammonium Tungstate Solution

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Ammonium tungstate solution is an important intermediate material in the process of preparing APT from tungsten smelting industry. At present, the methods of preparing ammonium tungstate solution used in industry mainly include soda pressing, soda sintering, acid decomposition, ammonium salt decomposition and tungsten ore roasting ammonia leaching.


Multiple Rare Earth Tungsten Electrode Sintering Method

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Tungsten electron emitter is a key material for vacuum electronic components, inert gas shielded welding, plasma welding, cutting, spraying, smelting and special electro-optic sources. At present, the most of the materials are thorium and tungsten and cerium tungsten materials.


High Toughness Super Coarse Crystalline Cemented Carbide Made from Tungsten Carbide

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With the continuous development of cemented carbide industry, the demand for tungsten carbide is increasing. The tungsten carbide powder prepared by the traditional method has a high aggregation degree, which is liable to cause the larger average particle size and the smaller particle size. As a result, the difficulty in manufacturing high-quality cemented carbide is increased, making it difficult for the cemented carbide products to achieve a high degree of uniformity in wear resistance and toughness.


Yttrium Tungsten Electrode Preparation by Doping

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Tungsten electrode material is one of the key materials used in tungsten inert gas protection welding and plasma technology. With the development of high and new technology, the properties of tungsten electrodes are becoming higher and higher in the fields of mechanical electronics, petroleum, chemical, aerospace, ship, atomic energy and other fields. The tungsten yttrium electrode has long life, long arc beam and compression. It is popular because of its large degree and good arc performance.


a Brief Review of Ammonium Para Tungstate Preparation Closed Circuit Mode

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In the existing technology, the production of ammonium para tungstate is not recycled, and the consumption of auxiliary materials is large, and the environmental pollution is heavy. The main reason is that a large amount of high salt waste liquid is produced during the transformation process of tungstate solution, and the evaporation crystallization mother liquor is difficult to recycle economically and produce ammonia nitrogen wastewater. In the existing technology, if the enterprise is changed to "cycle" model, then the enterprise will lose money, so the tungsten metallurgical enterprises all over the world have to choose sewage discharge.


Hard Alloy for Wear-resisting and Acid Resistant and Acid Resistant Drilling

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With the continuous development of the hard alloy industry and the quickening of the pace of deep-sea engineering, the exploration of oil and gas is becoming more complex in the geological conditions and physical environment. Some areas with high H2S and CO2 content and high sulfur bearing geological environment have become the focus of oil and gas exploration, and this has also raised higher requirements for the hard joint gold for drilling.


Tungsten Ore Reelection Omnipotent Rocking Bed

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The table is commonly used in separation of fine ore dressing equipment, processing of metal ore can tick size in the 3 - 0.019 mm particles. After more than 100 years of development, the performance of ore dressing rocking bed has been perfected, mainly around the target of high efficiency and low space occupancy rate, and great progress has been made.




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