Tungsten Disulfide Applied in Mars Probe

Mars probe image

Lubricious tungsten disulfide can be used under complex working conditions such as high temperature, high pressure and vacuum. Therefore, it can be applied in lubrication of Mars probe parts to ensure their long-term work.


Tungsten Disulfide Used in Infrared Thermal Imager

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Tungsten disulfide can be used in the lubrication of lens tube to prolong its service life. Lens tube is the main rotating part of infrared thermal imager. It is important to provide stable lubrication for the lens tube as the working environment of infrared thermal imager is complex.


Tungsten Disulfide Coating Thickness Measured by Magnetic Thickness Gauge (II)

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Coating thickness of tungsten disulfide can be measured by a main type of magnetic thickness gauge, magnetic or electromagnetic induction thickness gauge. Tungsten disulfide coating with diamagnetism is usually applied to protect the metal surfaces.


Tungsten Disulfide Coating Thickness Measured by Magnetic Thickness Gauge (I)

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As tungsten disulfide has diamagnetism, its coating thickness can be successfully measured by magnetic stretching thickness gauge. And magnetic stretching thickness gauge is a main kind of magnetic thickness gauge.


Tungsten Disulfide Coating Thickness

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Tungsten disulfide coating is a high quality solid lubricating material, which is related to its coating thickness. Tungsten disulfide coating with thin thickness can be used to treat the metal surfaces and prevent them from harm, having great application value in many fields.


What is Tungsten Disulfide Coating?

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Tungsten disulfide coating is a continuous solid film coated by tungsten disulfide once. It is formed by spaying or blushing film-forming agent on the friction surface. And the film-forming agent is made from tungsten disulfide powder and organic binder or inorganic binder. Tungsten disulfide coating is regarded as the most promising solid lubrication coating.


Tungsten Disulfide/Tungsten Trioxide Monohydrate Heterojunction

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Heterojunction of tungsten disulfide and tungsten trioxide monohydrate is a transverse heterojunction formed by tungsten disulfide and tungsten trioxide monohydrate with covalent bonds. It has great potential application value in the field of photocatalytic semiconductor nanocomposites.


Tungsten Disulfide Film Prepared by Sulfurization

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Tungsten disulfide film can be successfully prepared by the sulfurization of tungsten trioxide film, which is deposited on the substrate. As the method has attracted the attention of people, the performance of tungsten disulfide film prepared is being studied by more and more people.


How to Prepare Tungsten Disulfide/Titanium Silicide Composite Catalyst?

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Tungsten disulfide/titanium silicide composite catalyst has broad application prospects in water-splitting for hydrogen production. It can be prepared by raw materials of ammonium tetrathiotungstate and titanium silicide. And ultrasonic-electrodepositing method and calcination method are applied in the preparation process.


Tungsten Disulfide/Titanium Silicide Composite Used in Water-splitting for Hydrogen Production

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Composite of tungsten disulfide and titanium silicide has broad application prospects in water-splitting for hydrogen production as a new type of photocatalyst. It can be successfully prepared by modifying titanium silicide with tungsten disulfide.




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