Preparation of Tungsten Carbide Target

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Tungsten carbide is a compound consisting of tungsten and carbon. It is a black six party crystal with metallic luster and hardness similar to diamond. It is a good conductor of electricity and heat. The tungsten carbide film is coated with a reinforcing phase on the tool, thereby improving the wear resistance, heat resistance and service life of the tool. Tungsten carbide target is the best choice for tool plating.


Preparation of Ammonium Metatungstate by Solid Phase Method

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Ammonium metatungstate is an important tungsten intermediate compound, which has the advantages of high activity, good solubility, convenient source and low price. It is mainly used in the manufacture of petrochemical industry catalyst tungsten carbide and other tungsten compounds, which are important for the production of tungsten carbide catalyst precursor.


PEG Modified Tungsten Trioxide Film

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PEG is abbreviation of polyethylene glycol. Can be used to improve the electrochromic properties of tungsten trioxide films. PEG-modified tungsten trioxide electrochromic films prepared by sol-gel method have obvious improvements in the optical properties and cyclic voltammetry of the bleached state.


Tungsten Trioxide Film Different Sputtering Power

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Magnetron sputtering is one of the main methods for preparing tungsten trioxide thin films. In the process of preparing tungsten trioxide film by magnetron sputtering, the surface characteristics of the tungsten trioxide film prepared by different sputtering powers are also different. The size of the sputtering power also affects the internal properties of the tungsten trioxide film.


Ammonium Metatungstate Preparation

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Ammonium metatungstate is an important tungsten compound, mainly used for petroleum cracking, organic synthesis, nitration reaction as a catalyst. With the rapid development of petroleum refining, petrochemical and other industries, the consumption of ammonium metatungstate increased rapidly. Relative to ammonium paratungstate, ammonium metatungstate prices are relatively high.


Tungsten Trioxide Film Ratio of Argon to Oxygen

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Magnetron sputtering as one of the preparation of tungsten trioxide film preparation methods, has many unique excellent performances. In the process of preparing tungsten trioxide film by magnetron sputtering, there are many differences in the structural properties of tungsten trioxide films prepared by different argon-oxygen ratios. At the same time, the difference of argon-oxygen ratio also affects the surface properties of the tungsten trioxide film.


Tungsten Oxide Film Transmission Spectrum

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The transmission spectrum of tungsten trioxide film is a standard for studying the photochromic ability of tungsten trioxide film. The principle is perpendicular to the electromagnetic radiation beam through the transparent electrode, into the diffusion layer of tungsten oxide electrolyte and bulk solution.


Tungsten Trioxide Nanomaterial

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Compared with the conventional tungsten oxide material, the nano-tungsten oxide material has quantum size effect and surface effect and plays an important role in the interface-related field. Three-dimensional tungsten oxide nano-materials with large surface area, surface active centers, high crystallinity and loose network structure and other characteristics, the gas sensitivity is expected to show more excellent performance.


High Pressure Tungsten Powder Preparation by The Mixture of Ammonium Paramungstate and Violet Tungsten Oxide

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At present, in order to prepare tungsten products with high density and high temperature, the pressing and forming properties of tungsten powder are required. Therefore, it is very important to optimize the compacting and forming properties of tungsten powder.


Preparation of Tungsten Hexafluoride from Waste Tungsten Cutting Head

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In tungsten fluoride, tungsten hexafluoride (WF6) is the only stable and industrialized production of varieties. It is an important raw material in modern electronics industry. It can be used to produce high-purity tungsten powder as raw material for metal tungsten chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process, especially the WSi2 made from it can be used as wiring material for large-scale integrated circuit (LSI).




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