Tungsten Disulfide Powder Usage

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The usage of tungsten disulfide powder is it can be used in high temperature and high-pressure applications. It offers temperature resistance from -450 degree F (-270℃) to 1200 degree F (650℃) in normal atmosphere and from -305 deg F (-188℃) to 2400º F (1316℃) in vacuum.


Tungsten Disulfide Coating

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Tungsten disulfide coating is an extremely slick, dry film lubricant coat. WS2 has an extremely low coefficient of friction of 0.03 — lower than that of teflon, graphite, or molybdenum disulfide. The film is remarkably durable compared to many other lubricant materials and can withstand tremendously high loads of over 300,000 psi.


Tungsten Disulfide Applied in Nanotube

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Tungsten disulfide has a layered structure related to MoS2, with W atoms situated in trigonal prismatic coordination sphere. Owing to this layered structure, WS2 forms inorganic nanotube was discovered on an example of WS2 and has been the first material which is able to form it in 1992.  


Tungsten Disulfide Property

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Tungsten disulfide property is diamagnetic, lubricious and easy to be dissociative. It is a compound of tungsten and sulfur, chemical formula is WS2, molecular weight 247.97, the state is black gray powder, appears in the natural world as a tungstenite. The relative density is 7.510. It adopts a layered structure related to MoS2, with W atoms situated in trigonal prismatic coordination sphere. 


Tungsten Diselenide Nano-sheet Speed Up The Quantum Computing

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Current operating computers and electronics are based on motion and energy states, with an operating speed of approximately 1 billion operations per second.  Typically, the rate at which these devices apply voltage depends on the number of transistors. The smaller the switch, the higher the clock frequency and the higher the performance of the computing system. But do you know that in the future, quantum computing will increase the existing limit speed by another 1 million times and achieve 1000 trillion operations per second.


Tungsten-Based Materials Applied in French West Tokamak Project

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Recently, a team of scientists at the US Department of Energy's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory won the US Department of Energy Science Award, which resulted in the development of two new X-ray diagnostic instruments for the French West Tokamak project. This instrument can be used to diagnose the possible risk of melting of the first wall material of the plasma in the ITER artificial solar project.


Spherical Tungsten Carbide Powder Property and Application

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Spherical tungsten carbide powder has the microstructure of fine equiaxed dendrites, its morphology of dense homogeneous spherical WC particles. It maintains a stable chemical property, good fluxibility and hardness, and outstanding wear or abrasion resistance. 


Spherical Tungsten Powder Production Methods - 2/2

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Many spherical tungsten powder manufacture methods have been researched and developed by  advanced technologies to comply with the more strictly usage requirements in different industries. Below are another two tungsten-hydrogen halide reduction methods.


Spherical Tungsten Powder Production Methods - 1/2

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Spherical tungsten powder’s particle size for producing cemented carbide has been changing smaller of the past 20 years. As the fine-grained cemented carbide tungsten powder can significantly improve the hardness and strength of the alloy. 


0.7nm Tungsten Selenide (WSe2) Been Developed

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0.7nm tungsten diselenide (WSe2) diode has been successfully developed by Dr. Lin’s team from integrated Synchrotron Radiation Research Center of Taiwan Hanyu energy technology company, it’s meaningful of our humans have finally broken the semiconductor 3nm process limit, surpassing Moore's Law and directly entering the sub-nano era (<1 nm). It also reveals that the era of compound semiconductors will eventually replace silicon semiconductors.




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