Tungsten Scheelite Amphoteric Collector

amphoteric collector photo

Amphoteric collector is a heterogeneous organic compound with both anions and cations in the molecule. The common used collectors include a-amino fatty acid, alkyl phosphate (salt), alkylamine propionic acid, oxyethylene type collector.


Tungsten Scheelite Anionic Collector

fatty acid photo

Anionic collector is a collector that is adsorbed on the mineral surface after the dissociation of the active group of hydrophobic minerals. It is main type of tungsten scheelite collector. There are four catagories: fatty acid, sulfoacid, phosphoric acid and chelating agent.


Wolframite Slime Recovery – Selective Flocculation Flotation Method

selective flocculation photo

Wolframite slime is an beneficiation issue due o its fine particle. It is ever harder to recycle finer minerals in slime. In recent years, to deal with fine particle wolframite slime effectively, there is a method to accumulate first and beneficiation second, selective flocculation flotation method is one of the newly developed wolframite slime recycle method.


Wolframite Slime Recycle – Carrier Flotation Method

wolframite slime recycle photo

Wolframite slime becomes beneficiation issue due to its fine particle. Recycle for finer minerals in slime is even harder. In recent years, to deal with fine concentrate slime effectively, there are other methods which accumulate first and beneficiate second. Carrier flotation method is one of the newly developed wolframite slime recycle method.


Wolframite Slime Recycle

wolframite slime recycle photo

Tungsten concentrate is fragile mineral, during beneficiation process, wolframite slime can easily come into being, and will be neglected in tabling. There are still much tungsten element in slime. 


Tungsten Scheelite pH Value Regulator

sodium carbonate photo

Tungsten scheelite flotation is difficult in separation of scheelite and gangue minerals. Calcium ion affects selectivity of collector. To improve selectivity, pH value regulator shall be added to create better flotation environment for scheelite flotation.


Tungsten Scheelite Associated Ore

tungsten scheelite associated ore photo

As we all know, tungsten scheelite deposit is very complex. Tungsten scheelite is in poor grade, there area associated ores as well, including copper, molybdenum, bismuth, tin, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium and calcite, fluorite, apatite, mica which containing calcium. 


Tungsten Ore Activator – Lead Nitrate

lead nitrate photo

In flotation mineral slurry, activator distribution is important for flotation. Metal ion attached on the surface of mineral can improve its electric potential, ion collector and targeted mineral can function better.


Tungsten Scheelite Collector - Oxidized Paraffin Soap

oxidized paraffin soap photo

Oxidized paraffin soap uses petroleum as raw material, obtained by oxidation and saponification treatment. Its appearance is brown red or yellow powder, soluble in water.


【Know Tungsten】Production Process of Tungsten Wire

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The whole process for producing tungsten wire is roasting APT to BTO, doped other elements when special properties are required, reducing the BTO to tungsten powder, pressing to blank tungsten bar, sintering, swaging, annealing, swaging, and drawing to tungsten wire.production process of tungsten wire video image




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