Remove Chromium from Waste Containing Tungsten

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At present, the domestic and international methods for the treatment of tungsten-containing wastes include mechanical crushing, electrolysis, alkali leaching, sodium roasting, and zinc smelting. Among these, the sodium sinter roasting process technology is relatively mature, and its applicability to waste tungsten materials more extensive, it is generally used to recover carbide grinding materials and tungsten in various slag.


Rapid Synthesis for Tungsten Carbide Composite Powder

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Tungsten carbide is a compound composed of tungsten and carbon, mainly used for the production of cemented carbide. The tungsten oxide is first reduced to tungsten powder with hydrogen, and then carbonized at a high temperature with tungsten powder to form tungsten carbide powder. However, this method is not easy to produce ultra-fine tungsten carbide powder, let alone produce ultra-fine particles. Tungsten carbide - metal cobalt composite powder. A more practical tungsten carbide composite powder synthesis method has been innovated. The process flow is as follows:


Tungsten Carbide with Direct Reduction Carbonization Technology

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Superfine cemented carbide obtained by ultrafine tungsten carbide powder has high strength and high hardness. It is Widely used in the production of integrated circuit board micro drill, dot matrix printer print needle, precision mould, tool, woodworking tools, medical drill etc..


Tungsten Oxide Film Target Simple Sintering Method

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Tungsten oxide thin film is a widely studied functional material. In optical glass, flat panel display, photoelectric conversion, electrochromic, photochromic and other fields have a wide range of application prospects.


Uniform Coarse Grained Tungsten Carbide Synthesis

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Because of its good performance, coarse grained tungsten carbide can meet the needs of hard alloys for mining, petroleum, and heavy machinery industries. The coarse, uniform and crystallized tungsten carbide powder is the key to the preparation of high performance coarse grained carbides.


Tungsten Oxide Doped Titanium Dioxide Photocatalyst

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Photocatalyst is a low-cost, high-efficiency and easy-to-use environmental protection method.


High Quality Submicron Tungsten Powder Preparation Method

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Tungsten powder is the main raw material for the preparation of hard alloys and many industrial products. According to its size, tungsten powder can be classified into coarse grains, fine grains, submicron, nanometer, etc.


High Purity Tungsten Powder Production Process Decomposition

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How to avoid the increase of impurities and further purify impurities during the reduction of tungsten powder is a very important task.


Ultra Coarse Tungsten Carbide Powder Improved Method

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The production of ultra-thick tungsten-based hard alloys requires high-quality, ultra coarse tungsten carbide powder raw materials.


Foreign Spherical Tungsten Carbide Powder Preparation Method

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Spherical tungsten carbide powder is an important thermal spray material and is playing an increasingly important role in various industries such as electronic information, metallurgy, and machinery.




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