Tungsten Alloy Fishing Sinkers - The Best Substitute For Lead Fishing Sinkers

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Lead is the earliest used fishing sink material, and the price is cheap. It is no wonder that many fishing friends used to use lead fishing pendants in the past. However, as we all know, lead is toxic and pollutes water resources. Nowadays, the whole world is promoting environmental protection. Various countries are also promoting environmental protection. They all hope that people can pay more attention to environmental protection, and people's awareness of environmental protection and health is gradually increasing. Therefore, countries have begun to ban the use of lead-made fishing sinkers, and people have begun to use the fishing pendant made of green metal material tungsten alloy. Of course, the advantages of tungsten alloy fishing sinks are not limited to environmental protection.


Application of Tungsten Disulfide in Automobiles

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Tungsten disulfide is the smoothest new solid lubricant in the current thousands of materials. It has been widely used in the automotive industry, and the benefits to the car are numerous.


Tungsten Steel Engraving Knife: A Knife To Engrave The Sky Below

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There must be a knife in the engraving, and the engraving knife is an extremely important tool for engraving the seal. For the primary printing friends, the tungsten steel knives can be said to be more suitable for quick start "knife pen". It can be your partner on the road, accompanying you and growing up with you. For the old Indian friends, it is like an old friend. Of course, I believe that the Indian friends also know that the engraving also needs to work hard in terms of lettering, law, rules, and knives.


Tungsten Disulfide/Graphene Nanoribbon Composites

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Tungsten disulfide is a typical transition metal chalcogenide. It belongs to hexagonal crystal system. It has a strong S-W-S covalent bond in the layer and a weak van der Waals force between the layers. The thickness of the single layer is about 0.65 nm. Monolayer tungsten disulfide nanosheets can be obtained by stripping or lithium ion intercalation.


Tungsten Wastewater Comprehensive Treatment Strategy

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At present, the self-developed ion exchange process is widely used in the production of ammonium paratungstate (APT) in China. Its advantages are stable product quality and easy operation. However, the major disadvantage of this process is that it uses a large amount of water and consumes more than 100 tons of water per ton of APT production. Therefore, the treatment of smelting wastewater is a very headache.


Nano Tungsten Powder Forming by Powder Injection

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Powder injection moulding (PIM) is a new near net-size forming technology developed by combining traditional powder metallurgy with modern plastic injection moulding technology. The most important feature of PIM is that it can directly produce parts with the final shape, minimize the amount of machining and save raw materials, and has wide material adaptability. It has been widely used in the preparation of ceramics and refractory metals.


Tungsten Electrode Enhancement Strategy for High Energy Igniter

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High-energy ignition gas discharge tube is mainly used for high-energy igniter, as a switch to control high-energy, mainly used in military aerospace, airborne, missile-borne engine igniter, also can be used in civil ships, boilers, oil fields and other ignition systems. In military high-energy ignition gas discharge tube technology, China has been banned and blocked by western countries for a long time, and can only rely on independent research and development.


Tungsten Sulfide Nanosheet/Titanium Dioxide Nanoribbon Composite

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In the solar spectrum distribution, ultraviolet light accounts for 5% of the total solar energy. Among them, titanium dioxide is the most typical ultraviolet photocatalyst, but its light absorption is limited to the ultraviolet region. Visible light energy accounts for 48% of the solar spectrum. Bismuth tungstate, bismuth molybdate and other visible photocatalysts have also been widely studied.


Tungsten Alloy Weights Used on Golf Clubs Can With Half The Effort

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When it comes to golf, the familiar people can say that the meanings and professional skills of "Birdie", "Eagle" and "Double Eagle" are handy; for the master, they will play a straight one shot. Applying an old saying, that is, for the general, when the "green" battlefield is galloped, the four major slams will be collected. For the above, when the pride is not reduced, after a few years, you can still "laugh". However, what is the relationship between this and the tungsten alloy counterweight? What is the connection between golf clubs and tungsten alloy weights? Do not worry, and listen to the author.


The World's Most Refractory Metal Tungsten and The Most Refractory Materials Containing Niobium Carbides and Nitrides

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It is well known that tungsten (W) is the purest metal with the highest melting point in the world (meaning it is the most difficult to melt), and its melting point is 3156.85 Kelvin (3430 ° C). At present, the most refractory material in the world is a powder mixture of bismuth-containing carbides and nitrides, which has a melting point of 4400 Kelvin (4126.85 ° C). This was synthesized a few days ago by Russian Far Eastern Federal University and the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences under extreme conditions. This high-temperature functional material will be mainly used in cutting-edge fields such as national defense, aerospace, electronic information, energy, chemical, metallurgical and nuclear industries, and has a good application prospect. According to the news released by the Russian Far Eastern Federal University, the next step in the research is to optimize the synthesis of the material and to study the solid phase transition process. Prior to this, the world's most refractory material was the five-carbon tetrakis (Ta4HfC5), which had a melting point of 4,200 Kelvin (3926.85 ° C).




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