Luminescence Is Inseparable From Rare Earths, What Is The Rare Earth Luminescent Material

You must know that when it comes to radiance, you know that people will say: It is almost inseparable from rare earth! Because rare earths will shine! What do you ask about rare earth luminescent materials? According to experts, rare earth compounds have three major functions: light, electricity and magnetism. Among them, luminescence is the most prominent function among these three functions. That is to say, the rare earth luminescent material is a rare earth functional material, which is a rare earth material capable of absorbing energy in some way and converting it into optical radiation.

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So what can rare earth luminescent materials do? According to incomplete statistics, rare earth luminescent materials have more than 300 varieties and are widely used, such as lighting, display, imaging, medical radiography, radiation field detection and recording. Because rare earths have luminescent properties, they can become rare earth luminescent materials, especially close to us - lighting, such as LED. Presumably, everyone should know that the biggest advantage of LED is that it has good light color, small size, light weight and long service life. Therefore, it has become a new type of energy-saving lighting source.

Moreover, this rare earth LED lamp absorbs energy after being excited, and then transitions to an excited state in an unstable state, and then returns to the ground state. In this process, the lamp releases energy - light. This is due to the special electronic layer structure of rare earths, which makes the luminescent materials have unparalleled spectral properties of general elements, covering almost the entire range of solid-state luminescence. So, what are the ways to stimulate rare earth luminescent materials? Experts said that it mainly includes photoluminescence, electroluminescence, triboluminescence, chemiluminescence, bioluminescence, radioactive luminescence, X-ray luminescence and cathode ray luminescence.

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Before returning to the 1970s, only the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences conducted some research on rare earth luminescent materials. Moreover, at that time, China's rare earth separation technology has not yet formed. Therefore, the rare earths in the research materials used are imported. The price can be imagined, one word, expensive; two words, very expensive; three The word is very expensive; the four words - very expensive. Subsequently, under the “catalysis” of a large number of international new scientific research results, China seized the opportunity. At the same time, the R&D team of rare earth luminescent materials in China has also officially started and developed and developed in the large number of chemical experts in the field of rare earth separation. By the end of the twentieth century, China had finally successfully developed white light-emitting diodes and reached the international advanced level. Later, white light-emitting diodes gradually stepped onto the right track of the fourth-generation lighting source. Why is it white? As you can see, in order to meet general lighting, we usually use a white light source.

When it comes to lighting, you have to talk about human lighting memorabilia. Since Edison invented the electric light in 1879, humans have come along the road of illumination, full of lights, lights, lights - electric lights, fluorescent lights (1938), halogen lights (1959; tungsten halogen lamps), high-pressure sodium lamps ( 1961), rare earth metal halide lamp (1962), rare earth red LED lamp (1969; first LED lamp), rare earth green LED lamp (1976), rare earth blue LED lamp (1993), rare earth white LED lights (1999-present). Therefore, the development of lighting lamps can be said to be all the way with "light" as a companion, with rare earth as a companion, not so "black." Of course, scientists have given us and brought light to the world. Pay tribute to Chinese scientists!

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In addition, experts also mentioned that rare earth luminescent materials have become an indispensable basic material in the development of energy-saving lighting and electronic information industry due to their advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, good color rendering performance and long service life. Moreover, their research and the application will be significantly developed with the advancement of rare earth separation and purification technology and the promotion of related technologies.

As we all know, light is the source of life on earth, an indispensable existence of human life, a carrier of information and a medium of communication. Therefore, rare earth luminescent materials have certain advantages before the emergence of alternative materials. why? Because China has a unique advantage in rare earth resources! China's rare earth reserves account for 80% of the world's rare earth reserves, and the variety is complete! Moreover, at present, China's rare earth production ranks first in the world.