Xiamen Tungsten Industry and Rare Earth Blocks Soar, The Reasons Behind

In early trading today, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened higher and continued to rise in the areas of rare earth, building materials and liquor. The Shanghai index rose more than 1% to nearly 2600 points. The GEM index rose nearly 2%, and then fell back. In terms of industry, most of the sectors are red, and the sectors such as nonferrous metals, building materials and winemaking are among the top gainers. Only the insurance sector that led the gains yesterday fell. The concept section is full of red, rare earth permanent magnets, scarce resources and railway infrastructure are among the top gainers.

The rare earth permanent magnet block exploded, leading the concept section, the overall increase of 6.69%. Among them, Minmetals Rare Earth, Jinli Permanent Magnet, Jidong Power, Yingluohua, Keheng Shares, Shenghe Resources, Pengqi Technology and many other daily limit, North Rare Earth, Xiamen Tungsten Industry, Guangzhao Nonferrous Metals, Zhenghai Magnetic Materials and other stocks Follow up. Minmetals rare earth (deep: 000,831) daily limit, is now reported 9.87 yuan; northern rare earth (Shanghai: 600111) soared 8.5%.

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At the close, the Shenzhen Component Index closed at 7482.83 points, up 1.46%, with a turnover of 159.98 billion yuan; the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2602.78 points, up 1.35%, with a turnover of 154.895 billion yuan. In terms of industry sectors, non-ferrous metals, cement and building materials, engineering construction, brewing, general, medical, international trade, medicine, tourism hotels, etc.; concept stocks, rare earth permanent magnets, railway infrastructure, S shares, super brands, shell resources, ST Concepts, sub-new shares, etc. are among the top gainers. The GEM closed at 1275.57 points, up 1.24%.

So, why is the share price of Xiamen Tungsten and Rare Earth stocks soaring?

As we all know, tungsten is called "industrial teeth", mainly used in hard alloys, special steels and other products, and is widely used in the defense industry, aerospace and information industry. In other words, almost all industries have a certain demand for tungsten. Rare earths, lanthanides and 17 metal elements such as lanthanum and cerium are collectively referred to as “industrial MSG”. They are not only high-tech lubricants such as electronics, laser, nuclear industry, and superconducting, but also used to improve It is also necessary to manufacture tactical performance of aircraft, tanks, missile steels and alloys, as well as new energy batteries and nuclear energy. In short, industries such as electronics, new energy vehicles, robotics, wind power, and military industries are inseparable from rare earths.

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Xiamen Tungsten Industry involves tungsten, molybdenum, rare earth, new energy materials and real estate industries. After 30 years of development, the tungsten industry has formed a complete tungsten industry chain. Tungsten smelting and powder products and ultra-fine grained cemented carbide are at the leading level in China and have a certain influence in the world. The rare earth industry has formed a relatively complete industrial system from the development of rare earth mines, smelting and separation, rare earth functional materials (rare earth permanent magnet materials, energy storage materials, luminescent materials, etc.) and scientific research applications. In the field of new energy materials, two major product lines, lithium battery cathode materials and nickel-hydrogen battery anode materials (hydrogen storage alloys) have been built. Lithium battery cathode materials include lithium cobaltate, ternary materials, lithium manganate and lithium iron phosphate.

Fujian Changting Jinlong Rare Earth Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Xiamen Tungsten, is mainly engaged in rare earth separation, rare earth deep processing and R&D and application of rare earth functional materials. It is the leading enterprise of Longyan (Changting) Rare Earth Industrial Park. The company adopts advanced "fuzzy extraction technology", "non-saponification technology" and automatic control technology, equipped with advanced production equipment and analytical testing equipment, investing 450 million yuan in 2008 to build 4,000 tons of rare earth separation, 1000 tons of rare earth metals, 2000 High standard production line of tons of high purity rare earth oxides. The 1,000-ton trichromatic phosphor production line is expected to be commissioned in the first quarter of 2010; the 3,000-ton NdFeB magnetic material production line will start construction in the third quarter of 2010. In order to do a good job in the research and development and application of rare earth functional materials, Xiamen Tungsten also invested 100 million yuan to build the Xiamen Tungsten Energy New Materials Research Center in Xiamen.

In summary, rare earths and tungsten are both resources and non-ferrous metals, and almost all industries have demand for them. Tungsten and rare earths, unlike other non-ferrous metals such as steel, are relatively small and therefore easier to handle. In addition, Xiamen Tungsten is a producer and supplier of tungsten, molybdenum and rare earths, as well as energy new materials and real estate. In the case of cement, engineering construction and the rise of rare earths, the shares of Xiamen Tungsten have risen.

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According to the analysis of professionals, from the perspective of the market outlook, it is necessary to pay attention to the further advancement of the policy; on the other hand, attention is paid to the changes in consumer stocks such as Maotai and the external market. Overall, the weak market rebounded and the activity of some stocks increased. Therefore, it tends to control the position, moderate band, class-based investment, bargain-hunting layout; and significant jiacang can refer to some technical indicators, such as whether the market can exceed the resistance of 2640 points and so on.

In terms of policy, the CSRC issued a statement, the core is to reduce administrative intervention in the market, active market transactions, and the market's rise and fall according to its own rules. The market has already emerged from a strong upward trend, and almost all the reasons for the redness of the city are stimulated by this good news. In addition, the members of the Rare Metals Inter-Ministerial Coordination Mechanism will organize a one-month special review of the rare earth industry order rectification. The member units will conduct random inspections of rare earth mines (including rare earth resources recycling projects), smelting separation, resource recycling and trade. Distribution company.