China’s Tungsten Powder Price Stabilizes Due to Deadlocked Market

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

China’s tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder prices are unchanged from the previous trading day on March 15, 2023 because the market is caught in heavy wait-and-see atmosphere. 

Previously, with the alleviation of the negative impact of the epidemic, market confidence was shored up under the positive economic policies and strong recovery expectations; but in fact, the actual consumption status on the market is not good, and the recent external financial market risks have increased, and traders are not active in trading. The short-term market is expected to be under pressure. 

In the tungsten concentrate market, due to the increasing scarcity of resources, merchants have a relatively strong intention to support the market. However, the recent lack of market demand has dampened market confidence. At present, there are many transactions in the market, but psychological prices between buyers and sellers are different, and thus the volume of market transactions is limited. Concentrate price hovers around $18,307.7/ton with limited deals concluded. 

In the APT market, the upstream and downstream chain continues to compete, the low-level spot resources are limited, so it is difficult to achieve high-level offers. Offers for APT are stalemate at around $307.7/mtu. The enthusiasm for new orders in the market is not high, but the cost of tungsten raw materials and environmental protection inspections give support to the bottom of the market.

In the tungsten powder market, market participants mainly wait and see the consumption situation in the cemented carbide field. At present, the status of orders in the market is average, and it is difficult for merchants to support the market. The overall purchase pace is still slow and tungsten powder price is around $42.0/kg.

Prices of tungsten products on March 16, 2023

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