China’s Domestic Rare Earth Price - December 3, 2021

This week, China’s domestic rare earth price showed mixed. At the beginning of the week, the prices of light and heavy mainstream products rose slightly due to the strong support of positive factors. However, as downstream users are more afraid of heights, the price of rare earths has risen slightly. There was even a slight decline.

From the perspective of positive factors, first, under the influence of winter, the rebound of epidemics in multiple provinces, dual control of energy consumption, and stricter environmental protection policies, rare earth smelting and separation enterprises have difficulty in production, resulting in tight supply of raw materials, which has prompted suppliers to quote prices. The source of the upward adjustment; the second is the continuous introduction of carbon neutral policies, which has promoted the sound development of emerging markets, and has increased the amount of rare earth functional materials to a large extent, which in turn is conducive to quotations.

From the point of view of negative factors, first, the high price of raw materials is the main reason for the insufficient consumption capacity of buyers. In addition, the end of the year is approaching, downstream users are also more aware of capital withdrawal, so transaction volume is even more difficult to increase; second, overseas Political instability in many countries, coupled with the impact of Omi Keron virus, has hindered the rise of China's export market; third, some border ports in Myanmar have been cleared, or my country's rare earth imports have increased, which is not conducive to price increases.

Prices of rare earth products on December 3, 2021

China’s domestic rare earth price image

Picture of rare earth alloy

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