China’s APT Export Price Stabilizes with the Support of Ocean Shipping Costs

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

China’s tungsten powder and tungsten bar prices keep weak on December 1, 2021. On the on the hand, supply and demand are both weak; on the other hand, Omicron variant brings new challenges for the whole tungsten industry. 

Although China’s domestic aviation is gradually recovering in the context of effective epidemic prevention and control, the international market is still fighting against the epidemic. With the impact of Omicron variant, the suspension of multi-national flights has had an impact on the air travel industry, and related tungsten alloy consumption may also be affected.

The tungsten concentrate price stalemates at about $16,984.1/ton and sellers mainly take a watchful stance; the APT price is about $294.1/mtu in domestic market and export price also stabilize with the support of ocean shipping costs; tungsten powder price hovers around $40.5/kg, and participants pay more attention to the cost status of upstream sectors such as energy and chemical industry, and the consumption performance of downstream sectors such as infrastructure and medical equipment.

Prices of tungsten products on December 2, 2021

APT export price image

Picture of blue tungsten oxide 

blue tungsten oxide image

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