China Molybdenum Oxide Price - April 1, 2021

The ammonium heptamolvbdat, molybdenum concentrate and molybdenum oxide prices fell in the first trading day on April 1, 2021 as both buyers and sellers are not active in trading under complex environment and limited favorable polices. 

However, supported by the rising international molybdenum oxide prices, increased enthusiasm for purchases by steel companies in the market, and production costs, most molybdenum chemical companies are less willing to cut prices and new orders increase slowly. China’s molybdenum oxide price stands around 1,760 yuan/ton, and long-term price of ferromolybdenum is about 110,000 yuan/ton.

According to the survey data of the Iron and Steel Logistics Professional Committee of China IOT, China's steel PMI was 47.9% in March, a decrease of 0.7 percentage points from the previous month. Among them, the production index was 51.3%, down 3.4% from the previous month; the new order index was 47.1%, up 3.8 percentage points from the previous month; the new export order index was 43.7%, down 17.7 percentage points from the previous month; the finished product inventory index was 33.2%, down from the previous month 4.9%; raw material inventory index was 36.6%, down 9.8% month-on-month.

Prices of molybdenum products on April 1, 2021

China molybdenum oxide price image

Picture of molybdenum powder

molybdenum powder image

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