Advantages of Tungsten Heater for Aluminizing of Car Light

Car light is an important device for ensuring the driving safety, and it is also one of the most important outer parts. With the innovation of science and technology, and the rapid development of automobile industry, so the automotive lighting requirements are also getting higher and higher. Quality of reflector lamp directly affects the car's lighting effects. Conventional lights are made through molding, most of them use aluminizing method to the make reflector film to increase the reflectivity of the surface of the light. Domestic aluminizing technology includes ion bombardment, aluminizing, put on protective layer. In order to prevent the aluminum layer from oxidation and corrosion, these three aspects are carried out separately. Pretreatment relates to the adhesion of the aluminum layer, which affects the quality of the film, and the thickness of the protective layer and the aluminum layer have a certain influence in the quality of the lights. If the production cycle of aluminum is too long, it will increase the cost of production, and the quality of the protective layer becomes poor. Therefore, to solve this kind of problem is especially important.

This kind of aluminizing process with tungsten heater can make effect of component will be better in aluminizing, reducing the failure rate of aluminizing to some extent. Clean air molecules, water vapor and grease adsorbed on the surface of the base material of the lamp in pretreatment, and roughen the surface of the lamp, which can greatly improving the bonding strength the surface and the aluminum layer. In addition, transfer upper and lower parts by transporter can reduce dust pollution, which can improve the effect of the lights aluminizing. This process not only improves the quality of the protective layer, but also shortens the original production cycle of aluminizing from 26 minutes to 6 minutes, so it has reduced scrap rates and input costs for lights.

car light and tungsten heater