Tungsten Heater for Aluminizing of Car Light

In order to solve the problems of poor aluminizing performance effect of automotive lighting, long production cycle, the poor quality of the protective layer. Through the following improvements, it can further enhance the quality of the aluminum layer.

1. The injection molding: put the raw material into a mold and process it into parts.
2. Edging is to remove four sides of parts. After inspection for the exterior, remove the substandard products, blowing qualified products by air gun, and finally put parts into the transporter and transfer them to the aluminum machine, hanging the parts in fixture.
3. Pretreatment, aluminizing, the protective layer: put the part into aluminizing device and the close it for evacuation, when pressure reaches 2.0E-2torr, the two high-pressure aluminum sheet of chamber glow, directional ion flow generated would bombard the surface of the light to disperse gas of the surface and produce a very fine steel pits of the surface of parts in order to increase the adhesion of the aluminum layer and the surface of the part. After the pretreatment, continue to evacuation, when high vacuum reaches 5.0E-5torr, heat tungsten wire to melt and gasify the aluminum ring to aluminizing. The cavity is filled with silicone oil, and high vacuum converses to low vacuum, when pressure reaches 1.5E-2torr, glow generated by two high-pressure aluminum sheets would ionize silicone oil into Si02, then it would cover on the surface of the aluminum layer, in order to increase mechanical strength of aluminum the layer and prevent aluminum layer from being corroded and oxidized by air. The characteristics of aluminum machine evaporated aluminum tungsten heater comprising: tungsten wire is provided with a ring of aluminum with a purity of 99.99%, purity of tungsten wire is 99.99%.
4. Place the finished parts into the transporter and transfer them, and then inspect and pack the article by workers.

car light and tungsten heater