China’s Domestic Tungsten Price Stabilized in the Second Half of May 2022

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Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

China’s domestic tungsten price remained stable on the whole in the week ended on Friday, May 27, 2022 as the market was in a stalemate under the complex situations both at home and abroad. 


China Rare Earth Price - May 30, 2022

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At the beginning of the week, China rare earth price generally remains within a reasonable range.


Sodium Molybdate Price - May 30, 2022

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At the beginning of the week, China’s ferro molybdenum, molybdenum powder and sodium molybdate prices are unchanged from last week. Under the influence of many uncertain factors, the mentality of buyers and sellers is slightly different, that is, suppliers have strong profit-taking psychology, and buyers have general demand. 


Southeast Nebraska Mine or to Be Second Largest Rare Earth Mine in US

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A geological study of the Elk Creek project released by Colorado-based NioCorp estimates that the second largest rare earth mine in the US is located in Southeast Nebraska.


Neo Performance Materials' Heavy Rare-Earth Separation Plant in Jiangyin, China, Backs in Operation

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Neo Performance Materials Inc. recently announced that its high-purity heavy rare-earth separation plant in Jiangyin, China (JAMR) has reopened to full operations after a 12-day government-issued citywide lockdown. None of Neo's employees tested positive for the Covid virus.


Kin Mining Confirmed Molybdenum Mineralization at Cardinia Hill

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Kin Mining NL recently announced final results from reverse circulation (RC) drilling at its Cardinia Hill property, which showed an extension of mineralization to include silver, copper, antimony, molybdenum, selenium, and tellurium. The property is part of Kin's wholly-owned Cardinia Gold Project (CGP), located near Leonora, Western Australia.


GoldSpot Confirms Presence of Porphyry System at LMSL Copper-Gold-Molybdenum-Silver Project

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Vancouver-based ArcPacific Resources Corp. announced that GoldSpot Discoveries has completed its initial locational program and identified 24 target areas that show evidence of copper-gold-molybdenum-silver mineralization at the Company's LMSL Copper-Gold-Molybdenum-Silver Project (LMSL Project) where specific indicators of copper-gold-molybdenum and/or silica mineralization are present.


European Tungsten Miner W Resources Delists from AIM

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The tin, gold, and tungsten miner - W Resources PLC has announced the delisting of its shares from AIM trading and said it will seek to re-list on a stock exchange in the future if circumstances permit.


Tungsten Isotopes Provide Insights Into Co-Evolution of Earth's Mantle and Continents

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A recent study demonstrates that tungsten isotopes (182W) in banded ferruginous strata can serve as a new geochemical archive and that 182W can trace the evolution of both the mantle and the continents throughout Earth's history. This provides new opportunities to better understand the Precambrian Earth.


China’s Xianglu Tungsten Declined Long-term Contract Prices for the First Half of May

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Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

The tungsten bar and tungsten carbide powder prices continue to keep stable on May 26, 2022, and participants start to show different attitudes toward the market outlook. 




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