Green and Energy-saving Separation of Tungsten-Tin Ore

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There has always been a low (poor) grade tungsten-tin associated ore in the tungsten-tin production industry, which is particularly common in Yunnan. Because the material and chemical properties of the two metal compounds are similar, the separation of the two metals in the industrial production process has always been a difficult problem that puzzles the industrial production technology. The traditional production method has been characterized by high pollution and high energy consumption, which makes it difficult to conform to the national industrial policy.


Ammonium Paratungstate Recovery from Soft Waste Containing Tungsten

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The tungsten-containing soft waste referred to in the recovery and treatment of tungsten wastes is a kind of soft waste such as leaching residue in the production process of ammonium metatungstate (AMT), ammonium paratungstate flooring material and yellow tungsten flooring material, air pipe material, ammonium paratungstate evaporation mother liquor produced in the production process of tungsten oxide. Inevitably, tungsten still exists in these tungsten-containing wastes. It can be recycled.


Nano Tungsten Carbide Fibers Recovery from Tungsten Waste

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Tungsten carbide (WC) is a black hexagonal crystal with metallic luster and similar hardness to diamond. Since Levy R B first pointed out that tungsten carbide has platinum-like (Pt) catalytic effect in 1973, researchers began to try to use tungsten carbide instead of noble metal catalysts in heterogeneous catalysis and electrocatalysis.


Advanced Nano Tungsten Powder Manufacturing Scheme

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China is a large tungsten-producing country, with more than 20,000 tons of crude tungsten products exported every year. 50% of the tungsten used by the world's major industrial countries is supplied by China. The output of pure tungsten metal products in China is about 1,000-1,200 tons, and the output is also in the forefront of the world. However, in terms of production technology and intellectual property rights of high-quality tungsten materials, China's quantity is rare.


All-purpose Tungsten Carbide Thermal Spraying Material Preparation

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Thermal spray welding (coating) of cemented carbide powder is a technology for hardening and strengthening mechanical surface developed since 1950s. This technology may effectively prolong the service life of machinery. Tungsten carbide is the most common raw material for thermal spray welding (coating).


Ammonium Paratungstate Low Cost Treatment from Tungsten Waste

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The composition of tungsten waste is complex, difficult to extract and complicated to remove. This kind of APT is manufactured by traditional method with long technological process, narrow adaptability of raw materials, large investment in equipment, unstable products and poor economic benefits. In recent years, the preparation of ammonium paratungstate from tungsten waste has been explored and some results have been achieved.


Ferro-tungsten Recovery from Tungsten Waste

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Ferro-tungsten is an important raw material in industry. Ferro-tungsten is widely used in mining, metallurgy, machinery, construction, transportation, electronics, aerospace and military industries. Traditional ferro-tungsten is made from wolframite concentrate, mixed with additives in a certain proportion and smelted in electric furnace. This smelting process has some technical problems, such as difficult source of raw materials, high requirement for raw materials, high cost, and crushing by crusher in the preparation process, resulting in uneven products.


Tungsten Oxide Nanowires As Microwave Absorbing Materials

tungsten oxide nanowires as microwave absorbing materials

Tungsten oxide has unique physical properties such as photochromism, electrochromism, thermochromism and gas sensitivity. Its color change can be achieved by changing irradiation wavelength, temperature or applied voltage. Therefore, tungsten oxide can be used in many fields such as sensors, electronic devices and so on. The nature of Yue Yue, its development and research has become a hotspot all over the world.


Tungsten Oxide Nanowires Preparation by Hydrothermal Synthesis Method

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Tungsten oxide nanowires are a fantastic one-dimensional material, which is rarely introduced on academic websites. It may not be known to many that tungsten oxide nanowires can also be used as absorbing materials for radar electromagnetic waves, such as stealth fighter coatings, strategic missile concealment and so on.


Batch Preparation of Tungsten Disulfide Quantum Dots

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Quantum dots are zero-dimensional nanomaterials consisting of a small number of atoms. In recent years, quantum dots (QDs), as a new type of nanomaterials with unique physical properties, have attracted extensive interest of researchers at home and abroad. Their research contents involve physics, chemistry, materials and other disciplines, and have become a new interdisciplinary subject.




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