Tungsten Powder Prepared from Violet Tungsten Oxide

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Violet tungsten oxide is suitable for the preparation of tungsten powder with small granularity and good properties, so as to make high-quality cemented carbide. It has high chemical activity and high rate of hydrogen reduction.


Comprehensive Recovery of Tungsten from Waste Water of Ion Exchange Process

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In order to extract tungsten from tungsten minerals, at present, China's tungsten metallurgy industry mostly adopts the alkaline smelting system. After high-pressure leaching of sodium tungstate solution, ion exchange is carried out and apt is extracted by evaporation crystallization. At present, there are two outstanding problems in this process that have not been effectively solved: first, the wastewater discharge is large. Second, the discharge of waste salt is large.


How to Efficiently Produce Tungsten-Vanadium-Copper Composite Materials

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How to efficiently prepare w-v-cu composite materials is different from other vanadium oxides because of its rapid and sudden phase transition. The temperature of phase transition is 68 ℃, which can change reversibly from monoclinic system to tetragonal system, making its physical properties such as resistivity, optical transmittance and permeability change greatly. This characteristic makes it have a great prospect in intelligent switch, electronic device and photoelectric equipment. The results show that tungsten can effectively reduce the phase transition temperature of vanadium dioxide, and copper can improve the conductivity of vanadium dioxide.


Silica Bismuth - Tungstate Composite Photocatalyst

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At present, due to the increasingly high energy shortage and environmental pollution caused by the rapid development of industry, the demand for clean energy and clean technology that can effectively use solar energy is becoming more and more urgent. The photocatalytic technology is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, mild in response conditions and The advantages of secondary pollution show good application prospects. Among many photocatalytic materials, Bi2WO6 is a kind of visible light photocatalyst with many researches and good photocatalytic activity.


Manganese Tungstate Composite Manganese Dioxide Catalyst

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With the development of science and technology, toxic organic pollutants from industrial and agricultural production seriously threaten the environment and human health. It is of great significance to seek a new and efficient environmental treatment technology. Photocatalytic technology has become a new environmental treatment technology with important application prospect because of its advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, complete pollutant degradation and no secondary pollution.


Epoxides Catalyzed by Phosphomolybdophosphate Tungstophosphoric Acid

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Heteropolyacids have been developed for more than 100 years, and the research contents have been gradually extended to material chemistry, electrochemistry, catalytic chemistry, photochemistry, surface science, medicine and other fields. Therefore, heteropolyacids show high catalytic activity and selectivity for various organic reactions.


Indium Ferrocyanide Tungsten Trioxide Thin Film

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Tungsten oxide (WO3) thin film is an ideal electrochromic and energy storage material due to its high contrast, good stability of crystal structure, strong environmental affinity and low cost. It is found that the smart window dual-function device based on the tungsten oxide film of indium ferrocyanide includes two conductive substrates as the working electrode and the reference electrode, one of which is coated with the tungsten oxide film on the surface of the conductive substrate to form the reference electrode structure, the other is coated with the indium ferrocyanide film on the surface of the conductive substrate to form the working electrode structure. The preparation steps of the film are as follows:


Electrochromic Film with Core-shell Structure of Amorphous Crystalline Tungsten Trioxide

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Electrochromism refers to the phenomenon that the optical properties of materials change reversibly under the action of external electric field. Electrochromism only needs a small voltage (about 2V) to work. In the open circuit state, it can keep the original color or fading state unchanged, so it consumes less energy.


Graphene Nickel Iron Hydroxy Oxide Co-modified Tungsten Triode Photo Electrode

graphene nickel iron hydroxy oxide co-modified tungsten triode photo electrode image

Tungsten trioxide electrode and its preparation method, and its application in photo catalytic decomposition of water use semiconductor photo catalytic technology to convert solar energy into hydrogen energy through water decomposition, and store and use hydrogen in the form of chemical energy, is one of the most promising ways to solve the current energy crisis.


Violet Tungsten Oxide Prepared from Ammonium Partrungstate

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Generally, violet tungsten oxide is obtained by calcining ammonium paratungstate in a rotary furnace. The prepared violet tungsten oxide is ultrafine and of good quality. During the preparation process, furnace temperature, furnace tube speed and feeding speed are the three factors that affect the properties of violet tungsten oxide.




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