Supported Tungsten-gallium Polyoxometalate Catalyst

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Epoxides are a kind of fine chemical raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates with wide applications. The most important way to form epoxides is the epoxidation of olefins. Epoxidation plays an important role in both organic synthesis and chemical industry. Therefore, the study of olefin epoxidation has always been a hot spot in chemical industry.


How to Prepare Titanium Tungsten Silicon Composite Powder

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With the continuous concern of haze, the control of air pollution has become more and more important. Nitrogen oxides are one of the main air pollutants and important precursors to induce photochemistry smog and acid rain. About 60% of them are discharged from coal-fired power plants, industrial boilers and cement plants.


Phosphotungstic Acid-Titanium Dioxide Composite Nanofibers Preparation by Electrospinning

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In recent years, the emission of sulfur compounds has seriously affected human health, social and economic development, which has stimulated scientists to explore more effective catalysts to reduce sulfur compounds in fuels. Polyoxometalates are called "green" industrial catalysts. They include tungsten heteropoly acids, such as phosphotungstic acid and silicotungstic acid, which are widely used in industry.


New Alloy Materials May Be Used in Future Micro-Electromechanical System

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Micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) is a kind of high-tech device whose size is several millimeters or even smaller. It is a kind of high-tech electromechanical device, which combines photolithography, etching, thin film, LIGA, silicon micro-processing, non-silicon micro-processing and precision machining technology. It is an independent intelligent system.


Mesoporous Cerium Oxide Material Containing Highly Dispersed Tungsten

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In recent years, due to the rapid development of automotive industry, the demand for fuel oil is increasing all over the world. The exhaust gas from sulfide combustion in fuel has brought serious environmental problems, so it is particularly important to limit the sulfur content of fuel. Oxygen desulfurization technology has high desulfurization efficiency and mild reaction conditions. Under ambient temperature and pressure conditions, low operating cost and simple process have attracted much attention.


Vanadium Doped Tungsten Disulfide Nanomaterials

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In recent years, tungsten disulfide, a transition metal sulfide, has become a very popular material because of its special layered structure. WS2 materials have good optical, electrical, lubricating and catalytic properties, and are widely used in fuel cells, solar cells, light-emitting diodes, sensors, lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors, thermoelectric sensors, lubricants and memory.


Tungsten Micro-nano Powder Preparation

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Tungsten has excellent physical properties, such as high melting point, high density, high hardness, excellent high temperature strength and high temperature plasticity. Tungsten and its alloys are widely used in equipment manufacturing industry, iron and steel industry, electric power, information industry, petrochemical industry, aviation and aerospace industry, military industry and other fields. The application of new technology and materials of great importance in national defense occupy an important position in our national economy.


Tungsten Aluminum Alloy Preparation by Powder Metallurgy

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Tungsten aluminium alloy is a new type of alloy material. It consists of tungsten and aluminium. It has high temperature resistance of tungsten and light weight and oxidation resistance of aluminium. It is a special lightweight alloy material with high temperature resistance, high hardness, high wear resistance and high strength, and can be used as structural material of aerospace engine.


Tungsten Recycle from Waste Catalyst

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Nitrogen oxide pollution is becoming more and more serious. Coal-fired power plants are the largest source of air pollution in China. The state stipulates that the pollutant flue gas needs denitrification to meet the emission standards. SCR is the mainstream denitrification technology at home and abroad, accounting for more than 90% of the flue gas market, and is the most mature technology of flue gas denitrification.


Cerium Tungsten Oxide Catalyst Preparation

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Nitrogen oxides (NO, mainly NO and NO2) are important atmospheric pollutants, which can directly harm human health, especially the respiratory system, and can cause acid rain, photochemical smog and haze and other important environmental problems. NH3 selective catalytic reduction is a technology widely used in fixed source flue gas denitrification represented by coal-fired power plants and mobile source NOx emission control represented by diesel vehicles.




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