Tungsten Granule for Carbon Sulfur Analyzer

Tungsten granule is widely used as accelerator and catalyst in carbon sulfur analyzer to test the content of carbon and sulfur.

The granular is applied pure tungsten powder with purity over 99.95% as the raw material, and sieved from the crushed tungsten bar. Therefore, the shape is irregular and mainly measured with a size range. The regular sizes we are producing are 10~20 mesh, 20~40mesh, 40~60mesh. Customized sizes are available. Besides the dimensions, as for it is used to test CS, the requirement of CS content in granule is restricted, which is C under 0.0008%, and S 0.0005%.

tungsten granule image

The CS analyzer is infrared CS analyzer, which is used to analyze the content of carbon and sulfur in chemical, steel, metallurgy, research and other industries. During testing, the samples are ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, rare earth, ores, ceramic, etc. The principle is heating the samples under high frequency induction, and testing the content of C and S through infrared absorption method. The effects of granule are as flux and accelerator.

With the flux of W granule, the testing sample can release CO2 and SO2 quickly, and granule will oxidize to tungsten trioxide under high temperature, and sublimate at 900℃, so that the C and S gas will not be covered, but with higher spread speed and oxidization.

CS analyzer can test the CS content of copper iron, alloys, stainless steel, carbon steel, cast steel, rare earth, nonferrous metals, concrete, ores, ceramic, iron ore, etc. Leco, Eltra, NCS and Hitachi are all the brands of CS analyzer, and the testing methods are infrared absorption spectrometry, electric arc and high frequency.

tungsten granule image

The dose of tungsten granule in CS analyzer depends on the sample quantity and the ceramic crucible is used as the melting crucible. During packing, granule is packed with 2.5kgs/bag, and ceramic crucible 1,000pcs/box. Surely, the customized requirements can be negotiated.

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