Tungsten Alloy Counterweight Price on FEB.4,2024

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Tungsten Alloy Counterweight


Unit weight: 5KG

Composition: 90%WNIFE



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The tungsten alloy counterweight crankshaft is used to balance the rotational inertia force and moment generated by the connecting rod big end, connecting rod journal and crank, so that the engine crankshaft runs smoothly. Some counterweight crankshafts are made integrally with the crankshaft, which is an extension of the crankshaft, and some are separately made parts, which are fixed on the crank with bolts.

Tungsten alloy has the advantages of small size, high density, high hardness, high wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance, strong impact resistance, high melting point, high temperature resistance, environmental protection, etc. Tungsten alloy is definitely a suitable crankshaft material.

Usually tungsten alloy parts are often used as counterweights for machines, boats, airplanes, yachts, spaceships, and other places that require small size and heavy weight. Tungsten alloys are widely used in high-performance engines (cars, racing cars, motorcycles, trucks) , yachts, etc.).

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