【Know Tungsten】Tungstic Acid

1.Tungstic Acid
Tungstic acid is a yellow shiny sheet crystal or crystalline powder, soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in ammonia. 

2. Tungstic Acid Property
Basic information: chemical formula is H2WO4, molecular weight is 249, melting point is 698℃, density is 4.18.

Chemical property:
The main content is WO3, over 91%.

3. Tungstic Acid Producing Method
Use sodium tungstate to react with calcium chloride, will generate calcium tungstate. Then add hydrochloric acid to react with calcium tungstate will obtain tungstic acid.

4. Tungstic Acid Application

1)Producing of metal tungsten, tungsten wire and tungstate ect.;
2)Used for mordant, pigment, dye, ink;
3) Electroplating coating corrosion;
4)The manufacture of petroleum industry and aviation, aerospace materials;
5)Heat insulating coating dispersion raw material.