Erbium Oxide Prices – May 15, 2024

The overall Chinese rare earth market is relatively average on May 15, 2024, with varying price trends for major light and heavy rare earth products influenced by a mix of factors.

Prices for praseodymium-neodymium are currently stable, while prices for terbium and dysprosium are trending downward. Today, the prices of terbium oxide and dysprosium oxide have decreased by approximately 30 CNY per kilogram and 40,000 CNY per ton, respectively, while gadolinium oxide and erbium oxide prices have increased by approximately 1,000 CNY per ton and 17,000 CNY per ton, respectively.

In the light rare earth market, factors such as low purchasing enthusiasm from downstream users, high production costs, limited market spot inventory, and the month-on-month increase in the listing price of Northern Rare Earth have created a dilemma for light rare earth product prices, making them prone to fluctuations. In the medium and heavy rare earth market, prices are mixed. Previously, prices had risen significantly over a long period, and currently, some downstream production enterprises still have a certain amount of raw material inventory. As a result, recent downstream demand has been limited, with suppliers generally maintaining rational pricing.

News Aspect

Jinli Permanent Magnet's first-quarter revenue in 2024 was 1.536 billion CNY, a year-on-year decrease of 6.93%. The net profit attributable to the parent company was 102 million CNY, down 42.93% year-on-year. The net profit after deducting non-recurring gains and losses was 24.5597 million CNY, an 80.12% year-on-year decrease. The net cash flow from operating activities was -615 million CNY, turning negative year-on-year. Basic earnings per share were 0.08 CNY. At the end of the reporting period, the company's total assets were 11.604 billion CNY, a year-on-year decrease of 1.87%.

Prices of rare earth products on May 15, 2024

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