Grades and Specifications of Tungsten Carbide Copper

Tungsten carbide copper is a refractory tungsten-based composite obtained by the process of pressing, sintering, and infiltrating. The tungsten content ranges from 50% to 70% by weight. This strong material has good mechanical properties and is highly resistant to arc erosion in contact welding. It is mainly used in oil devices to protect the contact from oxidation.

CuWC alloys are available in various grades, each with specific properties and compositions designed for different applications. These grades may vary between manufacturers, but here are some common grades and their typical applications:

CuWC50 and CuWC56 grades have excellent resistance to mechanical wear and are mainly used for electrical contacts. 

tungsten carbide copper specifications photo

CuWC50, with higher copper content and electrical conductivity, is used in heavy-duty contactors and transfer switches. 

CuWC56, higher in strength, is used where high impact forces may be encountered and greater wear resistance is desired, such as tap changers and arcing contacts in oil breakers.

Due to its high hardness and strength, CuWC70 is used in more severe electrical upsetting and electro-forging applications.

These grades are designed to meet specific requirements in terms of electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, hardness, wear resistance, and other properties. The choice of grade depends on the intended application and the balance of properties required.

tungsten carbide copper plate photo

When selecting a specific grade of CuWC alloy, it's essential to consider factors such as the working environment, temperature, wear resistance, and electrical conductivity needed for the application to ensure optimal performance. 

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