Gadolinium Oxide Prices - May 17, 2023

China rare earth prices showed a fluctuating upward pattern on May 17, 2023, mainly reflected in the slight rise of the prices of praseodymium neodymium oxide, gadolinium oxide and dysprosium iron alloy to about 465,000 yuan/ton, 272,000 yuan/ton and 1,930,000 yuan/ton respectively. 

However, under this situation, the follow-up of demand from some downstream users is slower, making it difficult to increase market activity.

According to Chinatungsten Online, the main reasons for the low demand for light and heavy rare earth raw materials are the obvious sentiment of downstream buying up rather than buying down, the decrease in the output of rare earth functional materials such as permanent magnet materials, and the improvement of rare earth waste recycling technology. According to the Financial Associated Press, at present, the operating rate of the first echelon of downstream magnetic material enterprises is about 80-90%, and the number of full production is relatively small; the operating rate of the second echelon is basically 60-70%, and small enterprises are about 50%. discontinued.

In terms of news, the production capacity construction of Zhenghai Magnetic Materials is steadily advancing. In 2022, the company's East and West Plants and Fuhai Plant are still in the ramp-up period of capacity construction.

Prices of rare earth products on May 17, 2023

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Picture of lanthanum oxide

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