China’s Xianglu Tungsten Increased its Long-term Contract Prices for the Second half of November

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At the beginning of the week, China tungsten price stabilizes affected by repeated COVID-19 in many places of China. In addition, the global high inflation pressure and the global tight currency situation caused by the rapid rise of the US dollar have led to a relatively sluggish global economic outlook, further increasing the pressure on overseas consumer markets.

High-grade tungsten concentrate price mainly stands at about $16,176.5/ton; APT market offers hover around $277.5/mtu; tungsten powder price stabilizes at $37.4/kg. In the short term, prices of tungsten products are expected to be stable on the whole. 

China’s Xianglu Tungsten released its long-term contract prices for the second half of this month: 55% black tungsten concentrate price was $15,735.3/ton, up $73.5/ton; 55% scheelite concentrate price was $15,588.2/ton, up $73.5/ton; APT price was $275.8/mtu, up $2.5/mtu compared with the first half of November 2022.

Prices of tungsten products on November 29, 2022

China tungsten price photo

Picture of tungsten acid 

tungsten acid photo

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