China’s Xianglu Tungsten Raised its Bid Prices for the Second Half of December

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China’s ammonium paratungstate (APT) and tungsten powder prices are unchanged from the previous trading day on December 28, 2021. The new release of guide prices from listed companies boosted market confidence. 

China’s Xianglu Tungsten released its bid prices for the second half of December: 55% black tungsten concentrate was quoted at $17,539.7/ton, an increase of $523.8/ton compared with the first half of this month; 55% scheelite concentrate was quoted at $17,381.0/ton, an increase of $523.8/ton; APT was quoted at $305.8/mtu, an increase of 47.5/mtu from the second half of December. 

In the tungsten concentrate market, facility maintenance of mining and smelting enterprises gradually carries out with the approaching of the New Year’s Day, Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics. In addition, the environmental checks also become stricter. Therefore, the supply in the market is reducing, raising manufacturers’ rised mentality. 

In the APT market, the increase in new guide prices promoted APT price increase to $304.9/mtu. But the demand side is still in a lukewarm status. Affected by the repeated epidemics and seasonal factors, most buyers are on the sidelines, and real orders are hardly to be concluded. 

The price of tungsten powder returned to the level of $41.3/kg as enterprises have to raise their offers due to the impact of the cost-side market. but transactions remain quiet due to the repeated epidemics, holiday atmosphere and the pressure on the cost of cobalt raw materials.  

Prices of tungsten products on December 29, 2021

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Picture of tungsten ore 

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