APT Market Is Weak Owing to Price Correction of Raw and Auxiliary Materials

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

China’s ammonium metatungstate (APT) and tungsten powder prices remains stable in the middle of November as the market is quiet and manufacturers are relatively active to sell products. 

In the tungsten concentrate market, the supply side is relatively stable, and low-carbon environmental protection pressures exist for a long time. The demand side is quiet, with low momentum in consumption in the fourth quarter. As energy supply and imported inflation pressures are effectively prevented and controlled, the pressure in the cost is slightly eased. 

In the APT market, under the background of the price correction of raw and auxiliary materials, the processing costs of enterprises have been reduced. However, due to the lack of demand, the short-term market situation is weak and the deadlock is temporarily difficult to break. The profits of manufacturers are still being squeezed, and the confidence in the offer has been hit to a certain extent. 

In the tungsten powder market, the consumption of alloys and their products has not increased significantly and market stocking sentiment was not clear. Most of the factories implemented pre-orders and waited for changes in cost and capital pressures. The short-term market will be stable. 

Prices of tungsten products on November 17, 2021

APT market price image

Picture of tungsten ore 

tungsten ore image

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