China’s Tungsten Price Remained Weak Adjustment in the Middle of September

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

China’s domestic tungsten price remained weak adjustment in the week ended on Friday, September 17, 2021 due to continued weakness in the demand side as well as cautious sentiment of participants. 

Various production links of tungsten raw materials have been affected by environmental inspections, power cuts, production reductions, and rising costs of raw and auxiliary materials. The cost side has pushed the market to stabilize, but the market requires the support from the demand side. 

However, the uncertainty of the Fed's reduction of stimulus measures affects the trend of the non-ferrous metals market. Although the financial attributes of metal tungsten are relatively weak, the degree of monetary policy easing has certain reference significance for the macroeconomic operation and the tungsten market trend.

In addition, variant strains have brought more instability to the prevention and control of the epidemic and the recovery of future economic activities, and market production, circulation, and consumption may all be regionally suspended.

Prices of tungsten products on September 22, 2021

China tungsten price image

Picture of tungsten flux 

tungsten flux image

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