China’s Domestic Rare Earth Price - August 27, 2021

China’s domestic rare earth price mixes in the week ended on Friday, August 27, 2022. With the limited support of positive factors, the consumer market gradually shifted from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. Therefore, the prices of most products declined to varying degrees. 

However, supported by production costs, low spot inventories of some products and good development of downstream emerging industries, suppliers are more willing to stabilize prices, and even raise the prices of individual products, such as erbium oxide, which has risen slightly to 218,000 yuan/ton.

From the supply side, uncertain factors such as power curtailment, environmental protection pressure, bad weather, and repeated epidemics have greatly affected the mining of rare earth mining companies, and at the same time increased production costs. Therefore, under this background, the holders of goods are very expensive. With higher awareness, coupled with the general import market temperature, there is less room for price reductions of mainstream products. 

From the demand side, although the current low sentiment of downstream users in receiving goods is the main reason for the difficulty in raising the price of rare earth raw materials, in the short term, the peak season of the Golden 9th Silver and the 10th is approaching, and the market demand for rare earths is expected to improve significantly.

Prices of rare earth products on August 27, 2021

China’s domestic rare earth price image

Picture of erbium oxide

erbium oxide image

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