China’s APT Export Market Slowly Recovers in the Middle of September

Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

Participants in China’s tungsten market continue to report rising prices for concentrate and ammonium paratungstate (APT) owing to tightened spot supply in the country.

Meanwhile, the APT export market looks to be staging a slow recovery, with some major Chinese tungsten producers having some success in securing deals while others continue to lament a lack of demand from abroad.

Market sources said that tungsten concentrate producers have a strong will to push up prices, because the latter believe only a price above $13,235.3 per tonne reflects the value of the raw material. The current price level is only slightly above an average production costs of around $12,500 per tonne, leaving limited profit margin for tungsten producers.

In the short term, market participants will mainly focus on the supply and demand. Seller’s plan for sales and purchases’ plan for stocking up are expected to be decided according to market trend. And the market will stabilize this week.

Prices of tungsten products on September 15, 2020

ammonium paratungstate price image

Picture of tungsten trioxide 

tungsten trioxide image

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