New Rare Earth Glass Coating Released in Tianjin

A new type of rare earth heat-insulating glass coating that could block direct radiation when applied to glass and can also achieve thermal insulation, heat preservation, energy-saving, and other functions has been successfully released in Tianjin.

rare earth metals used in glass coating image

The product is called EASYTO.1098 adiabatic rare earth glass coating, which was jointly developed by the Tianjin Branch of Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earth and Chengdu Yitu Jiewei Technology Co., Ltd. After 1098 debugging of the rare metal formula, the 95% red/ultraviolet heat insulation effect was finally achieved. It could be directly coated on the glass surface, which can quickly cool down within 3 hours, the maximum adjustable temperature is 7 to 15 degrees, and energy-saving is 25% to 40%. In terms of heat insulation effect, convenience and stability, they are all ahead of similar products such as glass film, low-E glass, and insulating glass on the market.

Rare earths are a series of minerals with special properties that make them essential for applications including miniaturized electronics, computer hard disks, display panels, missile guidance, pollution controlling catalysts, H2-storage and other advanced materials. The use of thermal barrier glass coating has the potential to extend the working temperature and the life of a gas turbine by providing a layer of thermal insulation between the metallic substrate and the hot gas.

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Lingxiao Cui, president of Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earth, said that the use of the nano-insulation materials for building glass is of great significance for energy conservation and broad market prospects.

After the launch of the new product in Tianjin, the opening ceremony of the BRIRE Rare Earth Research Institute & EASYTO (China) Adiabatic Rare Earth · Joint Laboratory was held, marking the start of a full partnership of the two parties. EASYTO also signed on-site contracts with dozens of dealer agents. In the future, the research Institute and the company will conduct joint R&D and product promotion in glass coating, automotive coating, laminated glass, and suspended glass.

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