Tungsten Powder Price Declines in a Weakening Chinese Market

Analysis of latest tungsten market from ChinaTungsten Online

The new round of guide prices were released by large tungsten enterprises earlier in this week, further pressing down Chinese tungsten prices. Considering weakness in terminal demand and thin trading, insiders are generally negative about the outlook. 

Smelters resume works with the end of environmental checks, but cannot improve tungsten concentrate demand effectively. Under high risks in the off season, concerns with stocks in FYME Metal Exchange and Sino-us trade war, tungsten concentrate market is caught in heavy wait-and-see atmosphere. 

Inquiry is not active in ammonium metatungstate (APT) market and buyers demand a lower price. So APT price still remains weak adjustment. Tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder products with APT as their raw materials also see price falls as supply and demand are in a stalemate.

Prices of tungsten products on Aug. 09, 2018

tungsten bar price picture

Picture of tungsten bar

tungsten bar picture

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