China’s Ganzhou Tungsten Declined Average Tungsten Forecast Prices for October

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Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

The ammonium metatungstate (APT) and tungsten powder prices in China continue to remain stable as the new average tungsten forecast prices for October are basically keeping in line with current market trend, giving the market temporary guidance.


Praseodymium Neodymium Metal Price - October 13, 2020

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Rare earth market price in China: neodymium oxide, dysprosium oxide and praseodymium neodymium metal prices edge lower in the middle of October under the limited support from favorable factors. Now it is in the buyer’s market.


Ferro Molybdenum Price - October 13, 2020

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Molybdenum market price in China: ferro molybdenum, molybdenum concentrate and molybdenum oxide prices edge higher in the middle of October thanks to good trading atmosphere in the market. 


Xiamen Tungsten’s Offer for Ammonium Metatungstate Declined in October

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Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

The ferro tungsten and tungsten powder prices in China continue to maintain stability in the wake of a slight decline in new tungsten forecast prices from listed companies and associations. The new guide prices are basically in line with market trend and traders make quotes based on them. 


Praseodymium Oxide Price - October 12, 2020

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Rare earth market quotation in China: europium oxide, cerium oxide and praseodymium oxide prices remain stable as the market is caught in wait-and-see atmosphere with new increased orders concluded. 


Molybdenum Powder Price - October 12, 2020

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Molybdenum market quotation in China: the ammonium molybdate, ammonium heptamolvbdate and molybdenum powder prices maintain stability when insiders have high enthusiasm in trading and also have good expectation for the market outlook.


Trump Signs Executive Order to Spur Rare Earths Mining

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US President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at expanding domestic production of rare earths minerals that are vital to many critical manufacturing sectors, in an effort to reduce dependence on China recently.


US Scientists Develop Molybdenum Disulfide Light Sensor

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The US scientists learned from locusts and developed a light sensor based on a single layer of molybdenum disulfide. Autonomous driving technology is in full swing, and in order to make self-driving cars, drones or mobile robots have keen anti-collision capabilities, the Pennsylvania State University research team began to learn from the special sensing capabilities of "locusts" by studying locusts Unique avoidance response, research and development of low-power collision sensors that can be used for self-driving cars, drones, etc.


Japan to Increase Rare Earth Reserves

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The Japanese government will strengthen the rare earth reserve system required for industrial products such as electric vehicles. The current rare metal reserves in Japan are guaranteed for 60 days of domestic consumption and plans to expand to more than 6 months in the future.


Element 25 Boosts Finance for Butcherbird Project from Rare Earth Sales

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Recently, element 25, a manganese developer listed on the ASX, picked up a handy $1 million from the $3 million sales of the Cummins Range rare earth deposit in WA's East Kimberley region which the company says will be ploughed into its developing $15 million Butcherbird manganese mine in the Pilbara.