Women Gold Plated Tungsten Ring’s Price on Jan. 24, 2018

women gold plated tungsten ring image

Women gold plated tungsten ring’s price is 28.00USD/PCS on Jan. 24, 2018. The gold ring is made of high-quality tungsten carbide and is plated with 18K gold on its surface in about 0.3μm. Customized size and engraving are welcomed.


Black Tungsten Ring’s Price for Man on Jan. 10, 2018

black tungsten ring image

Black tungsten ring’s price is 6.20USD/PCS on Jan. 10, 2018. All rings in Chinatungsten Online use tungsten carbide and the surface can do a variety of treatments. This product is treated with black.


Tungsten Ring Images

【Price】Women Tungsten Gold Rings’ Price-JUN.23, 2016

Women tungsten gold rings’ price is 35 USD/PC, EXW XIAMEN, JUN.23, 2016.

women tungsten gold ring

【Price】Legend of Zelda Tungsten Gold Rings’ Price-JUN.17, 2016

Legend of Zelda tungsten gold rings’ price is 42 USD/PC, EXW XIAMEN, JUN.17, 2016.

legend of Zelda tungsten gold rings

【Price】Tungsten Gold Wedding Bands’ Price-JUN.8, 2016

Tungsten gold wedding bands’ price is 46.00 USD/PC, EXW XIAMEN, JUN.8, 2016.

tungsten gold wedding bands


【Price】Tungsten Gold Ring’s Price for Man-JUN.3, 2016

Tungsten gold ring’s price for man is 37 USD/PC, EXW XIAMEN, JUN.3, 2016.

tungsten gold ring for man

【Price】Black Tungsten Ring’s Price for Man-May 27, 2016

Black tungsten ring’s price for man is 45 USD/PC, EXW XIAMEN, May 27, 2016.

black tungsten ring for man



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