Tungsten Worm Weight Price –Oct. 12, 2019

tungsten worm weight picture

95%W 5/8 oz tungsten worm weight price is 1.20USD/PC on Oct. 12, 2019. Crafted from the most precious metal to all fishing enthusiasts, the worm weights offer increased sensitivity and durability that will make all your other fishing weights obsolete. Made from ultra dense pure tungsten, it is very small in size compared to lead, brass, or steel, which provides a compact profile and increased sensitivity. The slender bullet shaped profile also matches up perfectly with a wide range of soft plastic baits and helps penetrate through vegetation to get your bait into the strike zone.


Tungsten Alloy Bucking Bar Price on Oct. 12, 2019

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95WNiFe tungsten alloy bucking bar price which density is 18.0g/cm3 is 188.00USD/PC on Oct. 12, 2019. Tungsten alloys provide the maximum usable density for the bucking bar. These tungsten bucking bars are twice as heavy as the same shape but made of iron. The small size and heavy weight make it suitable for a wide range of applications. All products are chamfered at the corners and are safe and convenient to use.


Tungsten Alloy Dart Billet Price on Oct. 12, 2019

tungsten alloy dart billet picture

90% Ø6.73x54.6mm tungsten alloy dart billet price is 2.30USD/PC on Oct. 12, 2019. Tungsten dart billet is actually the cylindrical tungsten rod which has been subjected to centerless grinder, and its weight varies depending on the size of the rod and the tungsten content. According to the special requirements of customers, we can provide tungsten alloy darts with a tungsten content of 70~97%. 


Gold Plated Tungsten Alloy Pig Price – Oct. 12, 2019

gold plated tungsten alloy pig picture

Gold plated tungsten alloy pig price is 107.50USD/PC on Oct. 12, 2019. The tungsten pig designed by Chinatungsten is charmingly naive, with small but smiled eyes. It is very suitable for placing in the living room, front desk, office and checkout counter, etc. The surface is plated with 0.3 micron 24K gold, making it an excellent choice for the Year of the Pig.


Tungsten Alloy Zodiac Pig Price on Oct. 12, 2019

tungsten alloy zodiac pig picture

Tungsten alloy zodiac pig price is 70.00USD/PC on Oct. 12, 2019. Tungsten zodiac with heavy weight can be used as paperweight, which is very popular when you read books, contracts, or review copywriting, etc. The pig has a large head and big ears, which is considered as a symbol of good fortune. Having it, your career will be more smooth.


Tungsten Alloy Cube Price on Oct. 12, 2019

tungsten alloy cube picture

2.45x2.45x2.45mm tungsten alloy cube price is 63.50USD/KG on Oct. 12, 2019. Tungsten alloy cube  is nicely finished and used nice grade of tungsten as a raw material. Owing to its high thermal conductivity, it is widely utilized for many fields. Chinatungsten Online is offering this cube at very cheaper and competitive price.


Tungsten Alloy Ball Price – Oct. 12, 2019

tungsten alloy ball picture

Ø85mm tungsten alloy ball price is 919.00USD/PC on Oct. 12, 2019. The composition of the rod is 97WNIFE with density of about 18.5g/cm3. The ball has the combination of high density, machinability, good corrosion resistance and high radiation absorption capability (superior to lead and steel) and high strength, so it is widely used in many fields.


Ammonium Paratungstate Price on OCT.11, 2019

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Ammonium paratungstate with WO3 content 88.5% price from Chinatungsten Online is $27.00/kg on OCT.11, 2019.

APT photo


Ferro Tungsten Price on OCT.11, 2019

ferro tungsten photo

Ferro tungsten price with W content over 70% from Chinatungsten Online is 25,000 USD/MTU on OCT.11, 2019.

ferro tungsten photo


Tungsten Carbide Powder Price on OCT.11, 2019

tungsten carbide powder photo

Tungsten carbide powder price with purity over 99.70% from Chinatungsten Online is 36.00USD/KG, by Chinatungsten FOB Xiamen, OCT.11, 2019.

tungsten carbide powder photo




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