95%W 20G/PC Tungsten Bullet Fishing Sinker Price –May 31, 2018

tungsten bullet fishing sinker picture

95%W 20G/PC tungsten bullet fishing sinker price is 1.70 USD/PC on May 31, 2018. A fishing sinker or plummet is a weight used to force a lure or bait to increase its rate of sink, anchoring ability, and/or casting distance. Tungsten fishing sinker may be as small as 1/32 of an ounce for applications in shallow water, even smaller for fly fishing applications, or as large as several pounds or considerably more for deep sea fishing.


95W DWG.NO. 091658 Tungsten Bucking Bar Price on May 31, 2018

tungsten bucking bar picture

95WNIFE tungsten bucking bar price DWG.NO. 091658 which density is 18.0g/cm3 is 33.00 USD/PC on May 31, 2018. Bucking bars used to form bucktails on rivets and come in many different shapes and sizes. They are normally made from tungsten alloy material. The particular shape to be used depends upon the location and accessibility of the rivet to be driven.


Tungsten Dart Billet Price on May 31, 2018

tungsten dart billet picture

95W Ø5.65x56mm tungsten dart billet price is 2.60USD/PC on May 31, 2018. For dart billet, high density is very important, which can make it more stable. Tungsten alloy material used to produce dart billet would perfectly meet the requirements of its fast production.


Gold Plated Tungsten Brick Price – May 30, 2018

gold plated tungsten brick picture

1 KG gold plated tungsten brick price is 365.00USD/PC on May 30, 2018. Its surface is plated with 0.3μm thickness of 24K gold, without any engraving. As a cost-effective gold substitute, gold plated tungsten brick is very suitable to be used as business gift. The text engraved on its surface can be designed according to different requirements.


Black Ladies Tungsten Ring’s Price on May 30, 2018

black ladies tungsten ring picture

Black ladies tungsten ring’s price is 8.50USD/PC on May 30, 2018. The ring features the classic dome ring design with a brushed black finish, designed in accordance with the human body engineering principle completely. This is the perfect wedding band for a woman to represent her true love.


Tungsten Alloy Cube Price on May 30, 2018

tungsten alloy cube picture

3x3x3mm tungsten alloy cube price with density of 17g/cm3 is 97.00USD/KG on May 30, 2018. Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is an ideal manufacture process to making tungsten alloy cube, with the property of complex three-dimensional structure, high density, high rigidity, high precision, etc. 


Tungsten Alloy Bar Price – May 30, 2018

tungsten alloy bar picture

φ40x100mm tungsten alloy bar price is 322.00USD/PC on May 30, 2018. Chinese tungsten market has been in a stalemate recently, with heavy wait-and-see atmosphere and thin trading volumes. Therefore, tungsten alloy bar price stabilizes as tungsten raw material and tungsten powder prices change slightly.


Tungsten Copper Bar Price on May 23, 2018

tungsten copper bar image

100x40x10mm 85W15Cu tungsten copper bar price is 65.00USD/PC on May 23, 2018, EXW, Xiamen, China. The price of tungsten copper bar is going up with tungsten copper raw materials. The main reason goes to the increasing environmental protection cost.

tungsten copper bar price image

tungsten copper bar image

Tungsten Carbide Rod Price on May 23, 2018

tungsten carbide rod image

Ø6x60mmYG10 tungsten carbide rod price is 2.200USD/PC on May 23, 2018, EXW, Xiamen, China. YG10 is the grade with content of 10%Co, and it is widely used in drill, end mills, and reamers.

tungsten carbide rod price image

tungsten carbide rod image

Semicircular Tungsten Filament Price on May 11, 2018

semicircular tungsten filament image

Semicircular Tungsten filament price is 3.70USD/PC on May 11, 2018, EXW, Xiamen, China. The regular diameters are Ø0.55mm and Ø0.8mm.

semicircular tungsten filament price image

semicircular tungsten filament image




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