95%W 25G/PC Tungsten Flipping Weight Price –Apr. 12, 2018

tungsten flipping weight picture

95%W 25G/PC tungsten flipping weight price is 1.90 USD/PC on Apr. 12, 2018. The fishing weight is used to force a lure or bait to increase its sink rate, anchoring ability, and casting distance. It may be as small as 1/32 of an ounce for applications, even smaller for fly-fishing applications. 


95W DWG.NO.061304 Tungsten Bucking Bar Price on Apr. 12, 2018

tungsten bucking bar picture

95WNIFE tungsten bucking bar price DWG.NO.061304 which density is 18.0g/cm3 is 105.00 USD/PC on Apr. 12, 2018. Tungsten bucking bar is used to form bucktails on rivets and comes in many different shapes and sizes. The particular shape to be used depends upon the location and accessibility of the rivet to be driven.


Tungsten Soft Tip Dart Price on Apr. 12, 2018

tungsten soft tip dart picture

90W Ø6.5x39mm tungsten soft tip dart price is 27.00USD/SET on Apr. 12, 2018. The barrel is made of tungsten with 16 grams weight, shaft with aluminum material to prevent easy breaking and diameter of screw is standard 2BA. Every set has three darts, packed by black box.


Gold Plated Tungsten Bar Price – Apr. 12, 2018

gold plated tungsten bar picture

1KG gold plated tungsten bar price is 415.00USD/PC on Apr. 12, 2018. After engraving the words on the gold plated bar, the meaning of this bar can be changed. The bar can be stored for long time for its corrosion resistance. And it is favorable for people because of its valuable image and precious value around the world.


Women Tungsten Golden Ring’s Price on Apr. 12, 2018

women tungsten golden ring picture

Women tungsten golden ring’s price is 33.00USD/PC on Apr. 12, 2018. Tungsten ring’s roughly 10 times harder than 18k gold and four times harder than titanium. It also takes a brilliant high polish and resists scratching longer than any metal ever offered to the public and will never bend out of shape. The surface of women tungsten golden ring is plated with 14K gold.


Tungsten Alloy Cube Price on Apr. 12, 2018

tungsten alloy cube image

7.8mmx7.8mmx7.8mm tungsten alloy cube price with density of 17g/cm3 is 110.00USD/KG on Apr. 12, 2018. Tungsten alloy cube is the ideal metal for military defense, with the advantages of high-density, high absorption capacity against X-rays and gamma rays, good modulus of elasticity, high hardness and environment protection.


Tungsten Alloy Block Price – Apr. 12, 2018

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99x50x44mm tungsten alloy block price is 320.00USD/PC on Apr. 12, 2018. The length, width and thickness can be customized according to different requirements and the quotation is based on the quantity and dimension.


Apr.2, 2018-Tungsten Carbide Ball Price

tungsten carbide ball picture

As reported by Chinatungsten Online, the current price of YG6 tungsten carbide ball for Ø6.35mm is $0.80 per piece EXW Xiamen, China on Apr.2, 2018. The MOQ of tungsten carbide ball is 500pieces, the general tolerance is +/-0.00254mm, the surface condition is G25 polished. The density of YG6 is 14.5~14.8g/cm3, the hardness is ≥90HRA, the T.R.S. is ≥2000N/mm2.


Apr.2, 2018-Tungsten Copper Rod Price

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As reported by Chinatungsten Online, the current price of 85%W15%Cu tungsten copper rod of Ø20mmx300mm is $150.00 per piece EXW Xiamen, China on Apr.2, 2018. The MOQ of tungsten copper disc is 5 pieces, the general tolerance of the diameter is +/-0.3mm, the length tolerance is 0/+2mm. The reference density of 85W15Cu is 15.6g/cm3, the reference hardness is 240HB, the reference conductivity is 30%IACS.


Tungsten Bracelets Images

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Tungsten Bracelets Images




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