Treatment Method for Dephosphorized Slag in Tungsten Metallurgy

The invention discloses a treatment method for dephosphorized slag in tungsten metallurgy, and mainly relates to a method for extracting and separating tungsten from tungstenic dephosphorized slag generated by a dephosphorizing step in an ammonium paratungstate production process.

The treatment method specifically comprises the following steps: immersing the dephosphorized slag generated by the dephosphorizing step in the ammonium paratungstate production process to an aqueous solution; after full reaction in a reaction kettle by adopting special leaching agents and activating agents, filtering to obtain a decomposing liquid and dephosphorized decomposition slag; washing the dephosphorized decomposition slag to enable the tungstenic WO3 to be less than or equal to 1.5%; feeding the generated decomposition liquid into a subsequent tungsten extraction process.

According to the process, the comprehensive utilization rate of mineral resources is improved, the recovery rate of valuable metal tungsten is improved, and the process flows of reusing tungsten are shortened.

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