Ultra-coarse Tungsten Carbide Powder Patent

This article is to introduce a patent of the production method of ultra-coarse tungsten carbide powder.
Demand for ultra-coarse tungsten carbide powder and ultra-fine tungsten carbide powder is surging as a result of the development of cemented carbide technology.

High-quality coarse tungsten carbide powder is used as raw material to produce ultra-coarse tungsten-based cemented carbide. However, the traditional production method is quite complex, which is not conducive to its large-scale production.

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The production method in this patent consists of the following steps:

1.0 Mix the LiOH solution or Na2CO3 solution with tungsten trioxide by atomization and doping.
2.0 Put the prepared raw materials into a four-tube reduction furnace for slow-push reduction, after reduction through 80 meshes, to obtain ultra-coarse tungsten powder with a Fischer particle size of 30-40um.
3.0 Crush the conventional carbon black to obtain fine carbon powder and mix it  with tungsten powder in the mixer for 50-70min before being ball-milled by 60kg stainless steel ball in the ball mill for 50-70min. Then uniformly mixed W+C powder is acquired.
4.0 Put the evenly mixed W+C into the high temperature carbon tube furnace for high temperature carbonization to obtain massive tungsten carbide.
5.0 Mill the obtained bulk tungsten carbide by ball, and then pass it through a 120-mesh sieve to obtain ultra-coarse tungsten carbide of 30-40um.

Produced by this invention, the powder has high content of compound carbon, uniformly dispersed carbon and high Fischer particle size in the supply state and the grinding state, as well as the high rate of pass in product.

Applicant for patent: Chaozhou Xiang Lu tungsten Co., Ltd. (mainland China)
Author of invention: Qifeng Chen;Jun Yi; Xiangping Dai; Sheng Fu; Shengyi Li
Application date: April 29, 2011
Application Number: cn201110117590.2